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  1. Example Window Installation: Example Door Installation: On-Site Measurement (Before and After): Sound Pressure Chart: On site measurement of our IsoWindow Pro making the road noise (equivalent to vacuum cleaner noise) down to a quiet library! Some reviews by happy customers: "My husband and I were bothered by traffic noise coming from the CTE, and noise pollution from construction work was affecting my kids. After fitting all my bedrooms with AURIC IsoWindow Pro, my family can now enjoy quiet sleep nights!" - Alexis (Balestier Area) "The traffic along the PIE, especially the loud motorcycles, was very annoying. Sound from people playing basketball was also disturbing as it was echoing through the surrounding buildings. The soundproof windows far exceeded my expectations and now I can barely hear any noise at all." - Roger (Eunos Area) Over the past few weeks we have been contacted for further information and enquiries regarding home soundproofing. I will list down all the considerations and answers to common questions. 1. What sound level is considered quiet enough? WHO guidelines recommend 35 dB and below for sleeping. However, to achieve this level will need soundproof walls in addition to windows and doors. As most of our homes are not designed for this in the initial construction, this is not a realistic goal for us, as the cost to achieve this level will be very high. A realistic target for homes to achieve in Singapore is 40 - 45 dB. 2. Do I need soundproofing? The extent of soundproofing need is highly dependent on your own personal needs. From customer feedback, the first two considerations are Master Bedroom and Baby Room. This is because in our high stress working environment we want to have the maximum quality rest to best increase our quality of life. Also, young children are especially sensitive and WHO reports have shown that noise pollution affects children's learning development (http://www.who.int/ceh/capacity/noise.pdf) If you are building a premium home environment, then you might prefer to extend the soundproofing to the entire home and achieve a greater standard of comfort commonly found in Singapore. 3. How to go about doing soundproofing for my home? There is no standard answer as every home design and layout is different. Our home range of soundproofing comes in two versions, Eco (for light to moderate noise pollution) and Pro (for heavy noise pollution). For the most typical homes, it is sufficient just to change the bedroom windows to IsoWindow Eco version. a. For existing sliding windows - we recommend to change to our casement type IsoWindow. This involves hacking of frame. (Should you insist on sliding, read the section below in sliding windows). b. For existing casement windows - depend on existing window condition, we will check if the existing framework can be re-used. If so, we will fabricate new panels to replace the existing ones. 4. Are new BTO flats able to be soundproofed? From our current round of site visits, the answer is YES! However, not all estates might be eligible (according to the existing window design). Do send us an email with a photo of your window frame to check if we can soundproof your new home. 5. How much will it cost? An indicative price is $1200 - 1800 per room for IsoWindow Eco. Feel free to contact us for a personalized quotation. 6. How about sliding doors and windows? All our soundproof windows and doors come standard as casement / swing type, as these offer the best performance at a good price. However, at a higher cost, we are able to design and install soundproof sliding windows. As for soundproof sliding doors, it is subject to site conditions and will need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Contact us for more information should you have this need. 7. The soundproofing that I saw in your videos look impressive! What performance guarantee do you give for my installation? Due to varying site conditions, the actual performance might vary from installation to installation. However, we strive to achieve at least 95% for Eco-range products and 99% for Pro-range products. 8. What other benefits other than soundproofing will your products give? Due to the nature of the air-tight acoustic sealing that our soundproof doors and windows give, you will also see greater energy efficiency in the case of air-conditioned rooms. Also, due to the sound dampening layer present in our soundproof windows, harmful UV rays are also being blocked out. Additionally, because top quality materials are needed to achieve a good soundproof effect, you will be getting a standard of product that is top end in the market with premium feel and finishing. I hope this answers most the questions which you might have, if you feel any special concerns have not been addressed, please direct them to the contact below and I will add in to this thread. Please direct all enquiry via Phone / SMS / WhatsApp (9712 7471 - Nicholas) or email : nicholas@acousticintegration.com
  2. A video of what our soundproof windows are capable of: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYRS46nPy1Y&list=PLLTKpgRwphgmkcKFycQhA3n5jwucVBbXG&index=2
  3. Hi Everyone! More than once we have come across people having issues with traffic noise causing discomfort in their homes. Some have even installed "sound-proof" double glazed windows, and although the noise has been significantly reduced, the remaining noise is still loud enough to cause irritation. Some have tried many ways to improve their comfort by installing heavy curtains, acoustic panels etc.. but still have not managed to solve their problem. I am sure many of you are interested to know why this is the case, and so are we. A simple investigation has revealed that although so-called "soundproof double-glazed windows" is effective at blocking out sound, it is only effective in blocking certain ranges of sound. From the chart above, you can see that if the problem is heavy traffic noise, a normal double-glazed window still lets through a wide range of sound. In most cases, these soundproof windows are being sold without any performance specification or guarantee except the term "sound proof", and these poor owners either have to live with the remaining noise level, or have to bear with the expense of replacing to a better window. If you are facing noise problems, be sure to look for us, because we are able to design windows to block out noise to barely audible levels. This is achieved by analyzing your noise problem in terms of its type, and loudness, and designing a window accordingly to solve your problem. For more info, you can contact me at 9712 7471 (Nicholas).
  4. The key factor to decide Projection or TV: When we talk about projection we are talking screen sizes in the range of over 100".... a TV that big cost more than 100k, but the money to get 120" image by projection will only buy you a 60" or less TV. For casual users usually just a TV will suffice, but those looking for an immersive movie experience usually set up projection system.
  5. Hi all, We are an acoustics specialist and can install a variety and range of soundproof windows and doors according to the customer's requirements. From basic grade isolation (traffic / human generated noise) to high end isolation (loud music / amplified instruments), we are able to serve your needs! Anyone having noise control problems and wanting to make their home a more comfortable place can contact Nicholas at 9712 7471. Additional info for you guys! Did you know? Generally the public idea among most consumers and contractors is that the best way to isolate sound is by using "double glazed" windows. This is true if the main source of the noise is coming from human speech and similar sounds. However, for most other types of noise such as music, heavy traffic or construction, laminated glass offers better sound isolation. In addition, having the best glass is no use if the window framing and seals are also not isolation grade! The best soundproof windows and doors are those with an isolating construction for both the panel and frame, and are being sealed by acoustic grade seals.
  6. Acoustics and Renovation Seminar is back for Round 2 this Good Friday weekend! ----- Thanks to all that attended the first session! Based on feedback, we will focus more on soundproofing and home entertainment. This session will be ideal for those who have problems with traffic noise, and those who are looking to achieve a built-in look for their home entertainment systems with discreet yet powerful ceiling mount speakers. We will also be sharing on how to ensure the best quality for your renovation for those with high expectations of their new home. To be able to benefit more people, we are now having 4 sessions this weekend! Friday, 18th April - 2pm, 5pm Saturday, 19th April - 2pm, 5pm All others who are interested can post their interest by SMS (9712 7471) or by PM.
  7. Address: 1 Coleman Street, #03-56 The Adelphi Singapore 179803 Contact : 9712 7471 (Nicholas) All geared up to assemble a heart-pounding home theatre system in your living room, or simply want to unwind to your favourite soothing tunes after a hectic day at work? Perhaps you are facing disturbances from the busy traffic, or concerned about disturbing neighbours with your loud music? With solutions for all your soundproofing needs, Acoustic Integration helps you achieve just that – and more. Pushing boundaries to serve you with the best in home entertainment, these experts are the best help you’ll ever need for your home. As professional consultants, Acoustic Integration offers advice even before your renovation begins to help plan, design, rectify and provide the best quality assurance at every stage, Now, that’s unparalleled service. Anthony Gallo Loudspeakers Powerful yet discreet, the Anthony Gallo Loudspeaker is easy on the eyes and ears. Fixed flushed to a false ceiling, this equipment virtually disappears. Acoustic Wall Panels For the best in sound performance, opt for a solid foundation. These Acoustic Wall Panels not only enhance aural experience, they soften jarring noises, diminish echoes and enhance the level of comfort and privacy at home. Plus, these good-lookers come in an array of colours to suit your style. Renovation Consultancy Service Maybe you don’t have the time or energy to keep track of your renovations; or perhaps you’re astounded by the mind-boggling array of materials and finishes out there, and you’re unsure which one is best for your home. Make Acoustic Integration your partner for your reno journey. As an independent party, we work closely to assist you in getting the most out of your renovation without any hidden agendas. Plus, with our experience in the industry, you are rest assured of only the finest quality.