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  1. Hi bro, I bought a LG top load washing machine (free microwave), Sony 55" TV, Hitachi 6 door fridge (free 1L rice cooker & fan) and Electrolux kitchenware. If you want to know more, I will try to post the models later tonight as well as the nice sale personnels whom patiently spend 3hrs with us.
  2. Past 2 weeks have been a hectic one as we scout for electrical appliances all over the place. From Harvey Norman, Besk Denki, Courts, Gain City, to never heard-b4 electrical appliance stores in Geylang, etc.. At the end, we decided to go for Harvey Norman. Not because it is the cheapest, but it has the largest showcase on kitchenware and other appliances at Millennia Walk. Wifey isn't one that can visualize in her mind, so have see the real thing or images before she can decide. We settle our hob, hood, oven, fridge, washing machine and TV at Harvey Norman. The best part was they were able to match the lowest prices which we have gathered from the above electrical appliance stores and some of them even lower than those. Homework done was paid off nicely. To some whom are wondering why no AIR-CON from our list... Its actually part of the reno-package offered by Cottage Craft, Misubishi System 4.
  3. Cement Screed were done: Ready for parquet..
  4. Here's our first visit: Main entrance: Living area: Wifey shock after seeing how small this is... not to mention the ceiling height.. Walkway: Ugly bomb shelter ... Wonder which genius design this .. Master bedroom Kitchen Well, rooms were smaller than expected, but luckily the bathroom tiles weren't that bad after all .. so, no tiles overlay required. Save $$$
  5. Here's the list of unconventional items that we will be doing in our reno: 1) Mirror collage in the living room behind the soft 2) A shoerack which acts as a screen to block the direct view of the living room area from the entrance. 3) Cornice and beading on walls and ceiling 4) Cover up the ugly bomb shelter 5) Wallpaper 6) European style kitchen design
  6. Hi all, Previously I have started a thread but find it too messy to continue, so I have decided to start a fresh to record down our reno journey. Here's our floor plan: Like many other newbies in renovation, we were clueless on where to start. Went to renovation companies and IDs all over the place and meet up with ID whom friends have recommended. Out of all those, most of them doesn't seems to know how they can contribute to our design or give tips on what to look out for. Its a tiring process repeating ourselves over and over again with each of them... At last, we decided to shout "STOP" and relooked at all those whom we have met up with. After a long talk with wifey, we concluded on the 2 IDs which we were most comfortable with: 1) Space N Living - Sayaka 2) Cottage Craft - Anh Then we went for subsequent rounds of price slashing and discussion with the above IDs. Finally, it was Cottage Craft whom had won my wifey heart. Personally, I felt both IDs were very attentive and have contributed alot to our desired design. But Cottage Craft have the most experience in designing what we wanted, so, we decided to go with them. If anyone is interested in modern simplistic design, I would recommend Sayaka. First, I would like to thank the bro in Renotalk whom put up the this reno-blog: http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/62952-a-touch-of-europe/page-2?hl=european It was his blog that led us to the right company to do our dream. So thank you again. So, once we decided that it will be Cottage Craft, we went through another few rounds of price negotiation and design brainstorming with them. Thank you Anh and Daniel for being patience with us (esp. for my wifey since she keeps adding things each time we meet though i keep cutting things to keep our reno cost low ) Just nice while we were finalizing the contract, HDB contractor called to schedule timing for do prep the bedrooms floor.