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  1. 1. This is an Ikea Klippan 2 seater sofa that has been used for the past 3 years. The cover can be removed for washing. Still in excellent usable condition. Original price at Ikea - SGD 245 (previous years SGD 295)Measures 180cm*88*66cmDetails at http://www.ikea.com/sg/en/catalog/products/S99875380/ New covers may be purchased from Ikea and all is as good as new! Asking for $75 now! 2. 2 seater sofa bed measuring 47.5" (length) * 28" (width) Kept in bedroom and hardly used! Excellent Condition - no tears or stains - See to believe! Will throw in 2 custom made cushions for back support as well. Asking for $100 now! All items to self collect from my place in Tiong Bahru. Pls feel free to PM or ask me if you have any queries.
  2. Dear neighbrs, Did you receive a pamphlet from Starhub regarding the activation of the TV points? I thought it has already been activated? There was no one around when they came over to my place last week. Any difference after activating? Actually i rather they switch back to the antenna, then can watch malaysian channels...more choices!
  3. my wooden drawer that's next to the wall is very hot when i open it at nite. dunno if it's cos of the dark color?
  4. hi asylum, i am using mio, and when i first subscribed to it in may i actually had a lot of difficulties. not realli sure if it's my flat but there's some problem with the loopback service, meaning i can onli use one phone in the entire house. cannot plug in the fones to other phone sockets or will everything will trip. we had 4-5 house visits in order to solve this problem. wonder if u are stayin in the same blk?
  5. is it just rtm 1? cos i lost rtm 2, tv3, ch 7, 8 and 9 from msia, which is quite a waste! and they didnt inform us that they were going to activate the signal. so irritating.
  6. dear neighbrs anyone has noticed any moulds growing along the silica gel arnd the sink? seems like my kitchen sink is affected and there's no way to remove them! any one has any good cleaners for such things and any ideas for prevention? in adition, seems like starhub has ativated the signal for our blk. sigh. no more malaysian channels.
  7. hi happy where did u get ur curtain rod from? is it diy and bent by urself?
  8. dear neighbrs, for those who have activated the starhub signal, does it mean that u no longer enjoy the various malaysian channels? it's not a must rite?
  9. Hi there, There're a no. of lighting shops at jurong east near the swimming complex. get off at chinese garden and cross over to this row of shophouses. the popular silver rimmed lighting for kitchen costs only $60 here. prices shld be much cheaper than balestier or jalan besar...unless u're looking for sth exotic
  10. Hi Anyone ever came across advertisements in the papers and read that custom made wardrobes cost only $160/ft and comes with laminated interior? These are by furniture shops apparently. Anyone has any experience with them? Cos reno contractors charge $230-$300 usually and theirs have white interiors. Additional laminates cost much more!
  11. hello neighbr! have u collected yr keys yet? which side r u on?
  12. Gosh i saw the pamphlet but didnt see the lighting layout leh. guess i gotta check with my neighbr den.. quite crap lor. why cant they just pass it to us at hdb. Update: BLK 25A - redbottle (Collected) - loobhlinda (Collected) - pert (Collected) - scorpy (Collected) - gadgetgal (Collected, Impress21,0% progress, HDB to Cement Screed) - elflinks BLK 25B - Linggie & KhooK - MsBean - h4happy (No news) - marksng12 - Dtkiddy & yun11 - jas@sandy BLK 26A - crazycar & lovey BLK 26B - dunkmycar (Collected) - noellechua - lynnnie(keys collection - 7 Jan 08) - dorcas (Keys Collection - 3 Jan 08) - Vacis + moonbell - owens_avenue & genevie (Collected) - skysheep (Keys Collection - 5 Jan 08) BLK 26C - elaine1205[ collected, sourcing for renovation contractor] - ZLia (Collected/Cottage Craft) - Cindy Monkeybone(Collected/Classic Design) - chewy (Collected /I-Bridge-Rhiss) - kitseng(collected) - xiao xiin (Collected) - garbagex (Collected / A&D) BLK 26D - OnePostWonder (Year-End/G'Plan) - jj2 (Collected) - Princess Momo (24/12/07 Morning/U-Home) - rommie (Collected) - binzz (Collected / *****) - kriegs (collected / pending cement screed) - wonsen - Velynn - Simpleboi (collected / Baroque) - jazznpop (collected) - Peng*Ling (collected) - Vitamin C - draught (Collected) - prodigic (Collected/Frontier Concept) - Vicin (collected / I-Bridge) - 9up and Fly "Wifey" mama (Collected/ .) - kittyng (Collected / Still sourcing) - dneo (Collected / Still sourcing) BLK 27A - xlan (Collected / HomeGuide) - nemofc (end Dec, shortlisting for ID) - bchew - Yang Guo (Collected / Baroque) - Seafaith - chaq - Jasch (collected,Earnest Design) - glaminn (Collected) - dashe - saeran - almatador (Collected/Contractor) - sparey - osjusti - nitehwk (Collected, Samleong Design Pte Ltd, to start on 02/01/08) - Sam07 (Collected/HomeWorkz) - fat bear(Collected/ Homeworkz) BLK 27B - VinceDelfino (Collected) - Beejoy (Collected, Gim Wee Renovator)