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  1. well, my wardrobe was built first before moving the bedframe and mattress. the bedframe is a 2 piece, meaning the headboard and the base. and it went in with plenty of space. not much maneuvering needed also. to turn, can also make use of the toilet entrance and allowance. the walking gap between the wardobe to my bed is about 1.5m. depending on how your structure is like
  2. moving in early has its up and downs. the biggest problem is to face the many inconsiderate surrounding contractors and workers starting renovation works as early as 8am until 11pm and even on weekends. Let's not condone to such inconsiderate behavior, u give them one chance, they will abuse your kindness. To report on renovation work carried out against stipulated HDB timing, the no. to call is 1800 275 5555. They will ask for your details but it will be kept confidential. Just give them the address, unit no. and reno permit no. of the renovating house. If nothing is resolved or there is no reno permit at all, please give a call to your nearest neighborhood police and they will investigate.
  3. hi hi, the lights so far so good. working like a charm. for the kitchen one, i think i would've bought a bigger and brighter one. not that its dark or what... just can improve on my own choice.. ha. room with remote one, good. bright and powerful, yet not glaring. the dimmest yellow mode works excellent for my kid's pre-sleeping light also
  4. thanks thanks~ u be surprised... its from ikea. affordable, nice and easy to fix ha
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  6. finally... the m.bedroom. corridor leading to my m.bedroom... look macham like very long like that... ha view from entrance, my mini walk in wardrobe opening up the blind... .. is it even called a blind? cant remember the actual name.. ha' heading left, my bed! ha. sleep and face my tv with led strip lights. this is my only source of light as i took out my ceiling one. i dont like the feeling of something bright and/ or hanging on top when i sleep... i get paranoid
  7. next room.. kids room. k, i seriously do not know what to do for this room, because their furniture is ever changing as they grow up. so.. i left it simple and practical.. a little messy maybe.. ha. i ever did wall decals for this room, a huge tree to cover the entire right side wall... but thanks to nippon easywash with teflon... everything dropped down in a couple of days.. wasted 3 hrs of effort... zzzzz. overall view from the door entrance some little shelf and decoration on the left side wardrobe on the left
  8. lets go to the rooms. first room.. study room also as guest room. overall view from door entrance study table and shelves... yes, i also hung my ironing board there. should also call this the ironing room. ha sofa bed, and guests can look at flower to sleep...
  9. next! toilets... hurhur.. the common toilet the master toilet swing door in master toilet.. which is pretty much the staple of all toilet swing doors.
  10. next up, the kitchen! from door entrance (enter from living room), my left side the stove my right side.. the fridge is at the corner.. unable to squeeze it into the pic.. from service yard view, my right side the stove from service yard view, my left side close up of stove and my bodum possession... slurp~
  11. finally.. the long awaited completion pics... this is after i moved in 1 month... so tiring to settle downs.. too many things to pack and unpack.. zzzz here you have it, lets start with the living and dining from all angles. Ceiling shot tv console, wall feature, dining pretty much everything of my living and dining dining area with simple wall shelf closer look of wall shelf closer look of tv console and feature close up of display at shoe cabinet / feature further shot of shoe cabinet / feature my entire shoe cabinet / feature
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