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  1. Sorry peeps! it's been a long time since i came in.. thought there is no interest anymore. lol i think it's too late for me to reply you all.. but i'll just do it anyway uneven-ness - yes.. quite obvious too.. but i can live with it.. and nothing i can do with it too.. haha have PM rest of the guys my contractor details... haha for those that want my contractor details.. can PM me.. so i will get email alerts and reply you promptly... thanks!
  2. yeah.. get the cheaper one... few years later you can change again if you dont like it anymore! haha my rinnai city gas water heater not working very well..i believe it is still under warranty.. do i call rinnai or city gas ?
  3. current status of my common toilet... found and patched the hole.. waiting for them to finish up the work tomorrow..
  4. Hi mmoh, it is about 90cm x 65 cm. honestly i feel its quite a small space... can feel quite restricted... my contractor quoted me $880 for it.. which is **** expensive.. i asked for overall discount.. i did search for direct supplier and the price is about what your contractor quoted you... the basin mirror cost me $60 each from IKEA.
  5. thanks bro for your help! they came today and will arrange the main contractor to repair the pipe.. they will hack from the toilet side... they wanted to do it ASAP because they think the leak is bad.. and if carry on may even affect my neighbors downstairs.. after that is done, i dont know if i want to paint my wall again or just leave it be.. hahhaa
  6. yes, it is much cooler compared to the other parts of the wall.. I jus called my contractor, and he says most likely is water leakage. advise that i call HDB first. my flat is more than a year.. sigh...
  7. Hi benetay, thanks for the prompt reply! I'm actually using city gas heater. this is how the pipe run behind this wall (taken from my toilet) since this is done by hdb, should i call my contractor or HDB?
  8. ISSUES - Molding on my wall I realized there is this patch of my paint that is in different tone few weeks back (looks like its wet) didn't take much care about it however, realise the patch is growing. upon closer inspection, it looks like mold is growing and spreading! they are on the same wall.. and it happen that water pipes inside these walls... blue is pipe red is where the molds are black is the power switches can anyone advise what i should do? is the pipe leaking that is causing it?
  9. hi guys~ any lobang for curtains? many thanks!
  10. no prob! anyway.. bought 4 chairs from Ikea to match the table...
  11. Hi chilarvet! thanks! Yes, I unpack and fixed it all by myself. There are no instructions given, but luckily its quite straight forward. The quality it quite good. The wood is heavy and steady. The downside, though, is the damages due to shipment. took some photo of the damages. coffee table TV console but i guess i can live with it. for the coffee table, i'll try sand it and paint it white.
  12. My coffee table & TV console Carpet Dining table and.. Dustbin... haha other smaller items not unpack yet...
  13. my second (and hopefully last) major purchase from taobao/Tmall is here! will upload the photos once i unpack!
  14. Hi Chilarvet, Thanks!! I think there are many ways to do this kind of cabinets. Mine is paint ( for the frame) and laminate for rest. the bad side for paint is that it may turn yellow-ish and/or sticky if not maintained properly. My kitchen cabinet cost me about S$6.2k. The sink & stove side is 23.5ft total for top and bottom. The opposite side is 8ft bottom. iQuartz table top 18.5ft my contractor did gave me further discount based on the whole package... i feel your pain.. and there is nothing we can do.... haiz... thanks for the compliment and suggestions. i hope so too. Hi bizkid79, cheers~