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  1. Hello Puffin! Your house looking really awesome, really good ideas! Would you able to share with me your contractor details and your quotation, my flat will be ready in a few months time..can't wait Thank you!
  2. Hello Dadajunior, Can you PM me your contractor J&E contract, so far.. how do you think their attitude/services and their workmanship? Thank you!
  3. Hi Raydon, Can you share your contractor details, please PM me. Thanks a lot!
  4. Helloo Cassino88 ! Looking great! Don't mind sharing/PM your contractor contact with me? Thanks!!
  5. Hi there! Your house looking great, could you PM me your contractor details )
  6. Hi there! Can you PM me your contractor please. Thank a lot!
  7. Hi!! Can you PM me your contractor details. Your house looking awesome
  8. Hi Lucidacid, Nice concept! Can you share with me your contractor details please. And where did you get your furniture from? I like your living room flooring, may I know the name of the flooring and is it also from your contractor? Thank you!
  9. Hi! can I have your contractor details please? They are contractor not ID right? Thanks!
  10. Hello, Syafia! Can you PM me your contractor details and do you know where can I get cottage/country furniture (beds,wardrobe). I am doing cottage/country theme too
  11. Anyone know.. if taking HDB loan, and what if main applicant and co-applicant CPF OA account balance are wiped off during the collection of keys(BTO), how they going to repay the monthly HDB loan after that when the account is 0 balance. Helping my young couple friends to ask... because they have little OA sum, not enough to buy stock/bond to backup the $$. Can anyone help?
  12. Hey! Where did you get your bedsheets and sofas from? Thanks!!
  13. Hi Clownprince, Can PM me your contractor details please. ​Your contractor install your light, furniture too? Thanks.
  14. @countryglow Wow omg, so nice!! What material is the wallpaper? Vinyl or is it wall covering? Mind sharing who the wallpaper provider and installer? Waiting for your reply at the message inbox too