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    hi hi! any doing for woodlands area to recommend?
  2. gingar


    anybody knows where in singapore can get this? http://shoebby.com/homepage.htm looks very cool! i heard howard storage world got sell, but haven gotten round to parkway yet.. so far! i think HSW sure more expensive right?
  3. yea, i guess, but tt's only @ the start.. its towards the middle - end that they get restless and start running ard, and there's nothing to do! lol
  4. lol no la... none are mine! hahahahah! so they were fine ar? no running around? hoki doki! *grin
  5. Hi guys! i have like @ least 10 kids under 5yrs old that will be @ my dinner.. and i dun want them running around. any ideas how to keep them occupied? was thinking like perhaps an activity pack for them? or perhaps cordon off a corner with tables n chairs, then they can sit there n draw and interact and what not. but, i think the ballroom not big enough to do that, unless in the reception area.. or just get a tv and play Barney can already.. any cheap & bright ideas?
  6. dunno yet! Jasmine said March then they will call me up for dunno what.. hahah! forget already... who did you get? when's ur AD?
  7. hi hi! in the end i went with Bridal Concept.. hubby likes their photo style. gowns were nice. they have 3 floors of gowns to choose from! *fingers crossed everything turns out great!* Anyone's AD in dec 08?
  8. ya agree aunties are more exp.. but some aunties very pushy.. abit turned off by them. anybody got anything comments about fiori BS?
  9. hi LadyLuck, my AD is in dec 08. have been to see sophia, french, milan & J&M this week.. sophia's the most expensive of the four! and i noticed.. almost all the BS speak chinese! i dunno how to nego in chinese.. i'm going to faint. lol what extra freebies did u managed to nego for? u engaged labelle @ BOWS.sg tog with ur banquet?
  10. any comments on - sattine - J&M - Sophia - La Belle - Santiago?
  11. hi guys.. any idea if the iRobot Roomba 4210 Discovery Vacuuming Robot comes with swivel wheels?
  12. both are OTR ok. shall go down to the BS to take a look.. bows end today anyway.. no time to go back liao.. tsk. izzit true that if walk-in to the BS normally will get a higher quotation?
  13. Hi, it just occurred to me that the for most of you here, photographers for the AD and PS are from different studios altogether. So I'm wondering.. Is the AD photographer and videographer included in the bridal package? Or need to source separately? Usually there's this montage slideshow of the morning's events @ the banquet, who creates this presentation? Also, I'm looking @ La Belle Couture and Sattine BC.. Was accosted by them @ the bows yesterday.. these are what i can remember.. Sattine - $3388 1 WG 1 EG 1 teadress 1 suit for groom car deco 1 dress for maid of honor and 1 suit for best man car - bmw 4 PS gown 2 PS groom 6 corsages cant rem if flowers were provided 30 photos 36 poses La Belle - $2988 (got joint promo w m hotel, $300 off if sign with m hotel n LBC) roughly the same 1 more gown for PS 2 jackets for parents no car provided flowers provided 25 photos 30 poses.. or was it 20 photos 26 poses.. anyone has any experience/comments/recommendations on these 2? Please share! Thanks!
  14. do both holiday inns' ballroom look old? or have they refurbished it?
  15. sorry, ride on this thread abit.. furama city center holiday inn atrium holiday inn park view m hotel park hotel orchard which will you choose, and why?