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  1. Well, first was 2 small lights went missing. I thought that maybe i misplaced it somewhere and went on to buy replacement. Last week i discovered another 2 items missing. I clearly put it inside the cupboard. The last was my granite quartz kitchen sink. Brand new and scratched by carpenters..Alot of scratches. The ID is fine, but i suspect is the carpenters that are playing punk.
  2. Hi shifus, Im currently renovating my 3 rm resale. 70% done. Quality of carpenter soso. Bochup switch off attitude from ID. Was thinking of firing her and engage a new ID to continue the job. Since it is half done, im open to change concept for the living room. Had paid a total of 20k for floor, bathroom, electrical, 90% capentry work in kitchen. I dont intent to pay the rest rest of the 30k. Is there a legal implication to it? Is it possible to change ID?
  3. DEMOLITION/DISMANTLE WORK To supply labour and tools:- to hack existing Living hall floor tiles and skirting to hack Kitchen floor and wall tiles to hack W.C/Bath wall and floor tiles to hack 2 Bedroom Parquet Flooring to hack and remove door and frame to bedrooms to hack and remove all window to entire house to hack of Kitchen wall for new entry to hack of Store room and Bedroom 2 wall to hack of wall between WC and Bath Sub total of item 1: $3,000 MASONARY WORK To supply labour, material and tools:- to apply water proofing membrane to flooring at Kitchen, WC/Bath $300 to apply water proofing to upturn to wall in WC/Bath of 300mm ht $120 KITCHEN:- to construct 50mm ht concrete plinth to Kitchen Cabinet, $450 fridge and washing machine to lay homogenous flooring - 600xx600mm tile @ 185sqft $1387.50 to lay 75mm ht skirting to perimeter wall $300 to screed smooth all wall with cement and leveling cement $1935 @430sqft to make good wall at hacked area $180 Grand Total of Page 1: $7,672.50 WC/BATH:- to lay homogenous flooring - 300xx300mm tile $450 to lay homogenous wall tiles - 300x 600mm @ 430sqft $3225 LIVING:- to lay homogenous flooring - 600xx600mm tile(@$3.00) @ 200sqft $1500 to lay 75mm ht skirting to perimeter wall $550 MASTER BEDROOM:- to touch up and screed smooth flooring for new lamination $782.50 flooring @313sqft to touch up skirting area for new lamination skirting $300 to make good wall to hack area at Store and Master Br $120 to construct new brick wall to extend Store Room wall $350 for Master Br and Br 2 To supply & install timber door frames to Bedrooms $250 To supply & install PE veneer door c/w lockset & magnet $420 door stopper to 2 bedrooms To supply & install 1 hour fire-rated door in PE Veneer $1100 c/w lockset and door magnet 1 swing panel steel gate with lockset $600 Grand Total of Page 2: $ 9,647.50 FALSE L-BOX To supply labour & material :- to construct L box of 300mm depth from wall to 1 sides $400 of Living Hall to construct calcium silicate board to box up bathroom $280 pipings to Bath/WC sewage pipes PLUMBING WORK To supply labour & material:- to run new stainless Steel piping from outside to house $460 to run H/C S/S pipe to Bath Shower and 2 basin areas $330 to run cold S/S pipe to WC, Sink and washing machine $140 area To supply labour to install:- a) Storage heater $150 b) Accessories $100 c) 2 x Basins $90 d) Shower Mixer $80 e) WC $50 Grand Total of Page 3: $ 2,080 ELECTRICAL WORK To supply labour & material:- 15 x Lighting point to all area $600 15 x install light fittings to all area $150 5 x install 13amp single power point $275 9 x install 13amp double power point $585 1 x install 15amp aircon power point $150 1 x install 15amp 2 way heater to WC/BATH $170 2 x install 15heater point to Hob/Hood, Oven and Mircowave $300 1 x install SCV points $120 2 x install Tel phones $90 1 x install new DB $420 LAMINATED FLOORING To supply & install laminated flooring to Bedrooms $1600 including skirting @ 320sqft WINDOW AND GRILLES To supply & install:- powdercoated casement window with tinted glass to:- a) Kitchen @29sqft $536.50 b) Master Bedroom @18sqft $333 Powdercoated 2way track sliding window wtinted glass to:- a) Bedroom 2 @18sqft $306 b) Living Hall @18sqft $306 2 x Adjustable louver to WC/Bath with frosted glass $360 Grand Total of Page 4: $ 6,301.50 WINDOW AND GRILLES To supply & install:- powdercoated 2 way track sliding grilles to:- a) Kitchen @29sqft $188.50 b) Master Bedroom @18sqft $117 c) Bedroom 2 @18sqft $117 d) Living Hall @18sqft $117 CARPENTRY WORK Kitchen:- To supply & install:- full ht laminated cabinet for Oven configured with:- $400 a) 4 x cupboard door with motion hinges $24 b) 2 x 2 tier drawers with motion tracks $44 26ft top and bottom cabinet configurated with:- $2860 a) 13ft solid surface $845 b) 24 motion hinge for cupboard doors FOC c) 4 tier drawers with motion tracks FOC d) glass backing between top and bottom cabinet $450 bottom cupboard with swing door in motion hinges and $380 solid surface top at Rubbish chute area 4ft full ht cabinet in swing doors with internal adjustable $920 shelves ( Laundry side) Grand Total of Page 5: $ 6,462.50 CARPENTRY WORK Living Hall:- 6 ft Low laminated shoe cabinet of 1000mm ht in swing door $900 with internal adjustable flat shelves a) 600mm w full AV cabinet with lower door in slot door $660 system @ 6ft b) 150mm thk wall panel for TV area in selected wall paper $800 c) 1 set of pivot door with Aluminum handle $450 Master bedroom:- 7ft laminated full ht wardrobe in swing door configured with:- $1,610 a) Swing door c) Abjustable shelves 4ft 450mm D cupboard in swing door with drawers and $920 internal adjustable shelves Bedroom 2:- 6ft laminated full ht wardrobe in swing door configured with:- $1,380 a) Swing door b) Aluminum hanging rod c) Abjustable shelves Grand Total of Page 6: $ 6,720.00 Master Bathroom:- 1200mm L vanity in selected laminated c/w:- $1,350 a) solid surface b) mirror PAINTING WORK To apply sealant coating to new screed wall and L box $1,800 Emulsion painting to all wall and ceiling using ICI/Nippon Painting work to door all sewage piping, Main door frame Vanished work to new door frames to Bedroom to match new doors BATHROOM DOORS AND SHOWER SCREEN Master bathroom tempered glass shower screen with $1,100 swing door Master bathroom entrance fix glass and swing door in $1,200 frosted film finishing in S/S handle Common Bathroom frosted film swing door with S/S handle. $480 Swing door in floor spring closer in partial frosted film $700 and S/S handle to Kitchen entrance PLASTERING WORK To supply labour to plaster smooth all wall and ceiling in $1,800 compound mixture to entire house Grand Total of Page 7: $ 8,430.00 HAULAGE FEE Submission Fee to HDB $200 Loading and unloading fee for material throughout project $300 Professional cleaning to entire house before hand over $350 Grand Total of Page 8 $ 850 PRICES ARE NOT INCLUDED OF: 1) Light fitting 2) Sanitary Wares 3) Kitchen accessories TOTAL Pages 1 - 8 : $48,164.00
  4. Hi guys, Any comments on the quote? Reasonable? It was from an ID. Surprisingly, cheaper than afew direct main con. This is based on revamping the whole house. It hasnt been maintained since the 1st owner. So everything needs to change. Total Cost $48,164