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  1. Moving out sale, self collect items at Teck Whye Lane. 1. Teak TV Console - $280 L70in X D22in X H21in Condition 7/10 (some surface wear and tear) https://picasaweb.google.com/106668066213423651274/Furniture#6215154132731124994 2. Teak Storage Cabinet - $300 L39in X D14in X H39in Condition 8/10 (some surface wear and tear) https://picasaweb.google.com/106668066213423651274/Furniture#6215154140594620434 3. IKEA Ektorp 3-seater Sofa - $180 Dark chocolate brown fabric sofa Condition 8/10 https://picasaweb.google.com/106668066213423651274/Furniture#6215154160041430386 4. Sliding 2-door Wardrobe - $120 Full white wood and tempered glass surface Condition 7/10 (surface wear and tear, internal white a little yellow due to age) Roller system for sliding door still in good condition Includes 2 lockable drawers for valuables and a built-in mirror https://picasaweb.google.com/106668066213423651274/Furniture#6215163394526789426 Album contains additional pics of the above items for viewing. Please PM me if keen.
  2. i did mine with amy from bishan, yes, she is truly popular. long long queue. make appointment liao also need to queue. i went for touch up with her regularly for a year after i did the first embroidery. since then, i stopped doing it (too far for me, got baby now, no time to go and wait so long) but my brow colour still ok and more natural now even though its faded. i will say she is good lah. worth the wait if you stay nearby and have time.
  3. elcy_05

    Art Piece

    spikedoll, i went there, only saw one artist. is there more than one? this artist i saw only had 3 paintings of buddha head left, 2 of which are the same. the 3rd one my husband don't like so we ended up empty handed back home, sigh, so disappointing. got more than one artist around there meh? the other one i saw had those rolled chinese calligraphy type of painting, not my style lah. back to hunting again.
  4. elcy_05

    Art Piece

    hwah! i have also been depserately looking for a painting for my dining area. i suspect karen and me have the same model of flat. i also need a huge one for the dining area - hee. thanks for your information spikedoll. i saw this artist at a stall outside midpoint orchard few weeks ago as well but when i was there, he was already packing up then tell me it was the last day he will sell at that location and i was not able to choose any. subsequently, i asked where he was going to move his stall to and he told me chinatown. he was not very friendly then so i did not get more details from him. i suspect we are probably refering to the same china man. i shall pop by waterloo then. you double checked and confirmed that his stall will be there until 24 oct 07?
  5. I have about the same dimension as your window. Very big size and buying curtains for such window size really scary - cost a major bomb to customise. Not easy to find ready made this size. We went to IKEA to buy their ready made ones but because the width is standard 145cm, we ended up buying additional 2 panels so we can patch with a standard set. Just hung it up and honestly, I don't like the effect. Perhaps its my DIY sewing skills not up to standard. We had this done for the 2 common rooms. For living and master bedroom, we invested in IKEA's customised curtains. We paid about $420 for both of these rooms because the living room is using track and master is using rod. For the rod type curtains, because we chose to conceal the slots for the rod, sewing charges are more expensive than track ones. $10 per panel sewing chgs for track curtains and $15 per panel for concealed rod curtains. IKEA's staff will calculate the total panels you require after you give them the dimension of your windows. I must say workmanship is good, they outsource sewing anyway, IKEA don't make any money from this. They only earn if you buy the fabric from them. Too bad, too many rooms, windows too big, I can't save and budget (sigh). My total investment on curtains alone in my 5-room "I" model unit came close to $600.
  6. You can get those wireless type from home fix, dun need contractor to install it. Just paste and use can liao, very simple to fix.
  7. Hi guys, anyone still looking for these racks? i got 2 sets that i am letting go.
  8. Hi, anyone can recommend good detergent for marble flooring??
  9. Hi all, I personally experience this but am not sure if it is really due to seperate mattress since there is not evidented proof lah. When I was married, every weekend I will go back to my mum house to stay over for a night or two. I slept on my bed which had 2 mattresses stacked on top of each other. 4 years later, I got a divorce from husband due to his infidelity. My brother who also sleeps on 2 seperate mattress stacked on top of each other (my mother like to stack 2 so its higher lah) recently broke up with his girlfriend of 9 years. For your reference lah. My mother now realises that it could be due to the mattresses and has since removed the un-necessary piece.
  10. I just bought a Daxima. If you intend to get one, go for the one with ball bearing system instead of standard plastic valves. Ball bearing systems are supposed to last as they are steel balls that will withstand heat and last longer. Costs a bit more but long lasting.