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  1. To share with the rest of you my very recent experience with painting service from Dulux. Our painting project is to paint an entire 3 ½ hdb flat with Dulux Ware & wash and Dulux glossy finish. Raymond Yeo is the one managing the project and is experienced. The overall impression on the finishing of the Dulux paint itself and on the final workmanship is good. The painting work includes walls, ceiling, toilets, doors and feature wall with our own simple design. The painting was done over the weekends and the work was finished yesterday. Upon finishing we made the full payment yesterday. We have yet to test the stain-removing feature with a wet cloth. The ceiling of the two bathrooms is nice after the painting. At one stage, we identified unsatisfactory or missed-out places. The good thing is that once we pointed out, they’d make time to fix them, which is acceptable. Painting the internal of the home requires true patience and missing here and there are understandable. The key thing is that the painters are made responsible to make out and Raymond ensured that was done. Even after the painting group had left yesterday afternoon, I notice obvious places that are still missed out. J(Based on my confidence on them, I would not think it is difficult for them to make it up.) So much on it today and thanks to Dulux on our newly painted home.
  2. We are renovating our hdb flat. Because there has been some demolish work followed by the wet (tiling) work, the place is currently very dirty, full of sand, dust and cement everywhere. Has the place (especially the doors/frames) firstly to be cleaned so the paint can last? Does the painting include the cleaning? The contract includes a free chemical wash, but I am not sure whether it is before painting or after painting and whether it will include cleaning the wall and door frames... Can anyone kindly help ? Thanks a lot!
  3. Loki, Thanks for the response! Oh, so screeding needs to be done first. Try to save both efforts and money with HERF. :-) I will find out more after talking to the flooring company and the contractor then.
  4. Hey, Can someone help to address my concern: There is literally no sub floor and only concrete and it is very rough with even piercing points here and there (like country roads). In this case, will the high-end resilience flooring, which is very thin, still be suitable? Thanks!