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  1. I just renovated my place; the uncle who painted my house did a great job (awfully responsible and even the hidden pipes were painted).Sharing my living room pictures to show.
  2. Sorry, I haven't been updating my blog for quite a while ... but, the best thing is the renovation already completed and I have shifted in just before CNY. Sharing with all some of the pictures of my new kitchen, toilets and the newly polished marble flooring ...
  3. Hi hi, I am considering purchasing a tv console and sofa from Red apple interior too. Can share more with me via hazeltanww@gmail.com? thanks! aSteRuS
  4. Hi, I bought my HDB unit from JTC too. They took a freaking long time to issue the OTP and I had a big argument with my housing agent over it as my IPA was due to expire then and I was about to go overseas for business trip. If you are caught in a similar situation like me, it's important for you to highlight it to your housing agent or if not, JTC directly. As for the form, it is a must to indemnify JTC against any potential losses. By the way, where is your unit? Hope the above helps. Best Regards, aSteRuS
  5. 4th October 2014 - purchased state of my flat Except for the antique marble flooring in the living room and the terrazzo flooring in the two bedrooms, the rest just needs to go ... Stay tune for more updates! ...
  6. 3 October 2014 The day I collected the keys to my bachelorette pad. Feeling excited to be getting my own place but at the same time feel helpless towards the entire renovation process. Believe me, I seriously don't know what needs to be done during a renovation process but I'm really lucky to chance upon renotalk forum and got many valuable tips from the contributors here! So here I am, playing my part to contribute to the forum. My floor plan:
  7. Hi, how much are you selling the craftbricks? Also, like to know the box of craftbricks cater to what length wall. Cheers, Asterus