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  1. Sorry, I haven't been updating my blog for quite a while ... but, the best thing is the renovation already completed and I have shifted in just before CNY. :) Sharing with all some of the pictures of my new kitchen, toilets and the newly polished marble flooring ... :thumbs up:

    IMG 1957

    IMG 1910

    IMG 1908

    IMG 1909

    IMG 1957

  2. Continuation of Shopping !

    We bought the following furniture too!

    Star Living

    Striell Dining Table


    JotterGood 2.5 Cabin Sofa


    Dining Chairs


    Red Apple Furniture (Do not buy from them, we will explain in future thread.. :curse: )

    TV Console (Chosen white laminate with some light wood laminate)


    Divider (Chosen some light wood laminate)

    - Didnt have the picture online and didnt take through phone too

    Will share also the things we bought from Taobao too!

    Hi hi,

    I am considering purchasing a tv console and sofa from Red apple interior too. Can share more with me via hazeltanww@gmail.com?



  3. Hi hi

    can you help me explain how the resale process like for buying from JTC please? They take a long time to issue OTP and require me to sign some form. Thank you so much


    I bought my HDB unit from JTC too. They took a freaking long time to issue the OTP and I had a big argument with my housing agent over it as my IPA was due to expire then and I was about to go overseas for business trip. If you are caught in a similar situation like me, it's important for you to highlight it to your housing agent or if not, JTC directly.

    As for the form, it is a must to indemnify JTC against any potential losses.

    By the way, where is your unit?

    Hope the above helps.

    Best Regards,


  4. Please be carefull when installing new Air con.

    I was cheated 3 years ago when this company install low quality alluminium piping (instead of copper) for my home

    Now I have to fork out $800 for a complete change of piping for the 2 units of aircon due to pipe leak.

    the contractor that do chemical overhaul shows me how brittle the pipings are n dare not touch them, I tried to unscrew the pipe joint n the whole head just fell off!

    Call up the original installer and he still want to bull **** that alluminium is better than copper but just cheaper. Now waiting for my leave period to go and claim thru small claim tribunal n CASE.

    PM me for company name as not to get conned by this company.


    can PM me the contact details? hazeltanww@gmail.com


  5. 4th October 2014 - purchased state of my flat

    Except for the antique marble flooring in the living room and the terrazzo flooring in the two bedrooms, the rest just needs to go ... :no:







    Stay tune for more updates! ...

  6. 3 October 2014

    The day I collected the keys to my bachelorette pad. :good: Feeling excited to be getting my own place but at the same time feel helpless towards the entire renovation process. Believe me, I seriously don't know what needs to be done during a renovation process but I'm really lucky to chance upon renotalk forum and got many valuable tips from the contributors here!

    So here I am, playing my part to contribute to the forum.

    My floor plan:

    10 94@640510

  7. Hi,

    How much is the kitchen door? can pm me your contact for the door? :) hazeltanww@gmail.com



    Hey Mr & Mrs E!
    Finished browsing through your entire thread, so sorry to hear of your misfortunate experience. But despite all the rough sea, I must still say that your house looks great! (Minimal credit to your contractor)
    Just some random questions below! :) Just curious, so did you all do anything to these 2 pretty pieces?

    I see the beautiful legs of that table! Is it hard to DIY? Dyou just screw on a table top for that? Cheers!!

  8. Today, I went tile shopping after work and finally decided on bathroom tiles and kitchen tile. Going with the cement screed look. The tiles for the master bathroom looks very similar to the common bathroom actually. Just wanted them to be different (even that slight difference made me happy!) I didn't like any of the feature wall tiles and so decided to go without. I'll be leaving the pipes exposed and will paint them grey.

    Also going for a screed look for the kitchen.

    Then...I saw "white brick" tiles!! I've KIV-ed it to see where I can use them :) But they are stark white.


    Did you place your tiles order from Harfary? If yes, what is your master bedroom toilet wall tile code? :) I'm looking for cement screed design too. . . but not sure what should be the tile to choose from :)




  9. Hi there!

    Yes, I agree with your parents' words of wisdom too! I thought of using wooden carpentry as I find cement structure a bit Obiang but I was convinced after doing some research on the internet. It's lasting especially in areas like the sink where water will seep through the wooden structure much easier. Trust me - you wouldn't want to go through the entire hassle of replacing the kitchen cabinets.

    Haha, the cement structure thing is for the stove and basin area, which are more exposed to heat and water. Basically, instead of wooden carpentry below these areas, it will be made up of cement structure. This is to ensure that the areas below stove and basin are durable.

    You can refer to another renotalk thead: http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/29749-stove-and-sink-support/

    This thread convinces me that there is some sense in our parents' nagging. Haha

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  10. Hi,

    Congrats on your new home! :)

    Can share the link where you bought the washing powder box (*** it's bought from TB)?



    Dehub mop or misc holder. Looks very plasticky. Not sure if it really holds up as good as they advertise. Tried one, will update if it falls, or not. LOL....After locking it I did try to pull it off and it was quite firmly stuck on my tile wall, just not sure how it will hold up over time and once water hits the wall. :P



    Washing powder container, fits about 3KG of washing powder.



    Misc glass containers with stainless steel & acrylic lids. These came in a box so heavily protected with styrofoam that i was puzzled when I just opened the box....All I saw were white styrofoam.....


  11. Hi Hi,

    congrats on your new home! :) did you buy the washing powder box from TB? Can share the link?



    Lolz I just love the very animated way you describe your reno journey and the purchases from TB...

    Unfortunately I can't read Chinese (beyond maybe 50 characters :( ) so I'm still sticking to Ebay that I've been using for over 10yrs. I generally stay away from MIC stuff, esp food... and Ebay has served me well over the years (especially when I used to live in US and Canada). But I get very jealous when I hear my friends talk about their TB loot, cos it's all so cheap!

    Hmmm I wonder if TB has garden sheds for sale...

  12. Hi,

    I just confirmed with the HDB officer in charge of my block. As of 1 Dec 2014 onwards, needs to use pre-packed screed. That's an additional cost to new home-owners! :help: He said the costs will definitely increase due to the material and workers' charge as the mix is not easy to handle. Try to apply for the renovation permit before 1 Dec 2014 to avoid having to cough out additional charges.



  13. Hi,

    I just confirmed with the HDB officer in charge of my block. As of 1 Dec 2014 onwards, needs to use pre-packed screed. That's an additional cost to new home-owners! :help: He said the costs will definitely increase due to the material and workers' charge as the mix is not easy to handle. Try to apply for the renovation permit before 1 Dec 2014 to avoid having to cough out additional charges.



  14. These blocks are going to be our bedside table/ledges


    painted the MBR in Nippon smoke pearl color


    the hacked wall between MBR and BR2 with some sun ard 1130am


    the hacked half wall at the kitchen


    the tv console is up! super love the texture!




    the tv console is lovely! where did you purchase the tv console? how much was it? can pm me the details? hazeltanww@gmail.com



  15. Hi Bashful,

    where do you purchase your industrial switches? I like them a lot. can PM or email me (hazeltanww@gmail.com) the location and price? thanks in advance!


    Some updates... I have already moved in for about two weeks . I have engaged Shalom Movers to help me in moving. I have about 25 boxes, one fridge, one washing machine, one queen size mattress to move to my current location. They charged me $320 which I think is quite reasonable (I have gotten a quote from another mover and was quoted $360). Shalom Movers guys are very friendly and efficient. Defintely very recommended!

    I have called Alan on Thursday to request him to send his painter down to repaint two walls as the previous touch up was not evenly done. I have also told him that the remaining paint was already disposed. :P But he told me not to worry as he will get his painter to bring the paint along to redo the painting on Saturday. I was out the whole day today and was not around to monitor the painting work. When I am back, I did a quick check and the painting was very well done this time! As always, I feel that Alan is really very efficient in doing rectification. :good::good::good: And I was also chasing him for my final bill. Hahaha.. He sounds rather relax and told me not to worry too much. :notti: So I still dunno how much I owe him.. Hope I will not get a big surprise when I see the final bill. :deal:

    Here are some of the stickers I bought in Taipei Underground Mall last month. Each cost about SG$2. Quite cheap!




  16. Hi everyone, thanks for the warm reception.

    Didn't really realise that the ceiling is that high. How high is the typical ceiling? The ID did mention he had to build a bit more cabinetry and MBR wardrobe. He was cool about it and absorbed the cost though.

    To the other cat lovers here, it's good to hear from you guys! Somehow before our reno there didn't seem to be many renotalk bloggers who had cats so hopefully our experience will help everyone who has more than humans to plan for.

    #Just4fun, I wanted to PM you about the location of our flat but the system said this user can't receive messages. Is there another way for me to PM you?

    #Mellenur, the fan isn't a Haiku thou we did love the look of the Haiku, we thought it was overpriced as they seem to cost around $1.1 to $1.2K. We got a fan from Amasco at 135 Joo Seng Rd. The model is "Hugger" methinks. Cost $700 which isn't the cheapest but it had the least depth which allows it to stick as closer to the ceiling than normal ceiling fans, which is good for HDBs. The fan looks quite nice up there but it's a bit of a white elephant right now because Nuri hates it because we didn't have a ceiling fan before. She thinks it's a predator bird and she just hides away or crawls around when it is turned on. We are still trying to train her to get used to it. If anyone knows how to train a cat to get used to a scary black ceiling fan please do let us know!

    Common Toilet

    We asked for the door to be shifted so as to be able to create a glass door shower box, and a dry area for the toilet bowl and sink. A few IDs we spoke to claimed it could not be done, but our ID was diligent in checking HDB guidlines and getting the necessary approval, so it worked! Also we decided to box up the unsightly pipes which are common in older HDB flats. Some people paint it and they can be cool and industrial but our look was not so raw. It enabled us to do some recessed shelving for the shower gels and bath items.

    We found awesome Peranakan like tiles we both loved, and our ID designed how they were interspersed horizontally with the normal tiles so that it was soothing and not overwhelming. Honestly, with some other less design focused ID, we would probably have just put all the peranakan tiles on one single wall and it would not have been very balanced. Kudos to Daniel, we loved the effect.





    Before - large visible pipes:


    After - box up area with recessed shelf:


    Closeup of wall tiles:


    Closeup of created glass shower stall. Previously the toilet entrance was directly opposite where the exposed pipes.



    I like your kitchen and toilet design a lot. Where did you get the toilet cabinet and how much did the entire reno cost? Can pm me the details? :)




  17. Hi,

    I am keen to obtain the contact for the door. PM me pls hazeltanww@gmail.com


    20th Sept progress update

    Sliding windows @ service yard is completed

    Window grilles for whole house done

    Main door holder done , love it! Main door is heavy and i don't like the idea of door stopper because the magnetic strength fades over time.. Adding a holder is the best solution! Will not affect your door alignment and such. Those who are interested in doing it replacing your current existing main-door v-arm into sliding arm you can PM me for contact. Very cheap compare to market & reliable chap to install it for you. (Made in Taiwan product) *p/s: not my friend, just find the chap service very good* My own simple video just to roughly illustrate how it works.

    Window grilles & sliding window

    1st layer of paint up