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  1. Hi, Any butties here can advise on how to restore my tiles ? I've use excessive Tile detergent to clean the grout now my tiles side are left with the matt effect.. Can i use bleach or vinegar to clean away the stain ? Please help ! Thanks in advance ...
  2. Hi, Just finished walking around geylang that area and came across this shop name Heritage bathroom gallery .. Also have read from some bro/sis here that the price there is competitive and good.. However there's also the sale person name Yuki who appear to have some attitude after sales been done with her .. Just want to check with the bro/sis here did anyone encounter that before ? Thanks !
  3. Hi, Just wish to check if any bros/sis here is using the following ceiling fan ? Been looking around but it seems like there wasn't much review about it.. http://www.k2lightingsabah.com/173,alpha-ceiling-fan-axon-1.html Thanks !
  4. Hi, Need some advise on lighting issues.. hope the bro here can help me out .. Been thinking whether should I get my lighting from Ikea or a lighting shop due to budget constraint.. However I found that that Ikea stuff normally don't really last that long .. Any bro here using Ikea lighting ? how is the functionality like ? does it last for at least a couple of years ? Thanks !
  5. Hi, Just wondering any bro/sis here using ceiling fan from Elmark ? http://www.elmark.com.sg/en/product_info.php?cPath=30&products_id=229 thinking of getting this but worried that due to the blade size it wouldn't be very windy.. but according to the sale person, it can be quite strong as the blade is tilted at a certain angle.. thanks !
  6. Hi Bro I am looking for ceiling fans for living room for my 4 room resale flat. Please let me know the quotation for fan with / without LED. Possible to email me an e-catalogue also if you can. my email address : asmodeux@gmail.com thanks !
  7. Hi vicx1234, Really like your black frame door.. Hope you can share with me on the price and where u got it from .. thanks !
  8. hi bro, nice Reno u have there .. awesome design ... just wondering do you mind sharing on where did you get the steel black frame glass door and how much did you got it ? and also do you mind sharing the wood tv console ? on where did got it customise and also the price ? tried to pm you but I think your mail box is full... thanks in advance for your help ! cheers