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  1. Quite a bit was done for the past week and happy to see things coming together slowly. Was relieved that Zenterra could come do rewiring and stuff for me at short notice and with very competitive prices as well. So far quite happy with their workmanship but will only know for sure when all lights are up. But from the reviews I gathered from reading blogs after blogs on renotalk, I have confidence it will all be good. They are a friendly bunch and give advices whenever you ask them questions. All floor tiles are overlayed. Some kitchen wall are plastered. Partition wall between 2 bedrooms also up and plastered. Bathroom and toilet windows also replaced. Very happy with the white window as compared to the previous black frame window. Now the bathroom and toilet looks brighter and blends in better with wall tiles. Is this normal? Anyone of you had sink drains like this where the pipe is directly below the cover? This is at the kitchen cabinet area. My father worries about the possibility of unclogging that hole should any water blockage happens. Any advises from renotalkers? Carpentry works starts next week and looking forward to the more complete look of my flat. Online shopping for now, buying TV console, dining tables and some shelves from Taobao. Its 11/11 sale in 2 days. woohoo.....
  2. Think the improved meant adding of the utility room ba? Not too sure myself. I had exactly what you mentioned in my mind during early stages of thinking how to make the kitchen area bigger. But the kitchen and living ceiling is not of same height, need to pay extra to make false ceiling to cover that. (tight budget) And also there's a drop on the floor from living to kitchen. not even sure can hack away living floor to make same level with kitchen floor. So in the end, decided to play around with what ever space there is. Yeah, really love the space I have in the living and the utility room is definitely a plus. Indeed, i have a total of 11 double 13A sockets and 19 light points including L box downlights. I hate using extensions with cable lying around so rather have more power sockets where I know I will need them.
  3. I almost died of heart attack when I got the quote for electrical works from my ID. $4090 for rewiring a 3 rm HDB. My budget was only $3k so now I need to source my own electrician that can work within $3k and start work next week. Possible meh? I am panicking now. Just when I thought I can relax for a bit after stressing over the purchase of the lights from Taobao, now I have to stress on getting an electrician. Been reading forums on renotalk the whole night to get contacts for other electricians. Wish me luck. Lessons learnt : get quotes from electricians early so that you can have back up plans in case the quote from your ID exceeds your budget.
  4. Online shopping used to be my favourite thing. Now, its dreadful even thinking about it. After whole week of shopping online in Taobao for lights for the flat, I am completely drained. Lotsa imagination required really. I am pretty sure half of the stuff probably do not even look close to what the picture shows. Its a gamble and hope it pays off. Regret doing my online shopping soooo late. The loots are just starting to arrive at the warehouse in Guangzhou, Yet to even consolidate, talk about shipping to Singapore where its going to take 12 days-15 days by sea. Hope they all arrive in time for installation. pray hard! Getting this set for my dining area. Have not decide if I want a round or rectangular plate for that. The set I bought comes with a round plate and I bought a rectangular one separately
  5. Hack Hack Hack Everything that goes up must come down......eventually. Since I was just overlaying all floor tiles, hacking was a minimum. Only the kitchen entrance wall and the concrete kitchen top. My neighbors must be very happy that they only have to go through the noise pollution for 2 days. immediately following was tiling. So excited to see all the tiles I chose laying there. Cannot wait..... The main door remove due to overlaying the floor tiles. Imagine people looking in all the time when the flat is empty after the workers leave. Now I see you, now I don't. The wardrobe between bedrooms hacked down. The mess. I am trying to save money by not tiling the kitchen wall tiles. But ID did tell me that some area will be affected when the sink support is remove. Now, I have broken tiles in that area. So will be plastering over the entire wall area by the window.
  6. Have you manage to sort out all issues with your ID? I hope all's good now.
  7. Before reno picture of the kitchen and living room. I just cannot get the last picture right. Sorry guys, you gotta tilt your head to the right. Will be shifting the kitchen entrance to the middle then place sliding door. The kitchen sink will be move to become L shape to hide the washing machine behind next to the chute. Taking a gamble here hoping the final outcome will not be a super cramped kitchen. Still waiting for the 3D from my ID, he is a very busy man.........
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  10. Has anyone of you install a mixer for your face basin but with only cold water? I only instatnt water heater so i do not have hote water coming out from any other taps beside my shower head. But if i buy a mixer, will the plumber have problem installing it for me?
  11. My floor plan. The kitchen area is rather small, short and narrow. Had a big headache trying to find the best layout for this small space. But I love the enormous living room. One of those old HDB with no attached bathroom in the master bedroom. And cannot hack wall in between due to the structure beam.