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  1. I had my renovation done by Ho Bee. I would use Patrick again because he is reliable, pleasant, negotiable, not pushy. His problem is he can be too busy to really monitor quality but if you complain, he will try to fix it for you. You need to know what you want, design etc and supervise the renovation quite closely yourself. Part of the problem I think I had with Ho Bee was...Ah Keong whom Patrick relied on as his designer, coordinator etc were maybe overworked and was rebelling and giving Patrick a lot of problems which inturn translated to me. That was unfortunate because I am not really interested in their internal fights, I just want the project to be completed on schedule. The rift between those two caused a bit of delay and misunderstanding which towards the end of my renovation was really pissing me off. Having said all that, I haven't not had any problems with Ho Bee. I am overall ok with the renovation if I accept that some unplanned delays and problems will occur. As long as Patrick is willing to deal with it and come to a win win solution, that is more important. This I think Ah Keong has yet to learn from Patrick. He can be less accomodating. Both men are fine but I would prefer to work with Patrick. He needs to find 2 persons who can help measure with a bit of design advices thrown in. That might avoid an unhappy overworked (designer, carperter, supervisor etc that Ah Keong had to full fill) Just my two cents.
  2. What do you guys think of megaman. They have wide range of products from dimmable CFCs without ballast to very slim down lights (for those who have low ceilings)
  3. Dear all, We have the tiles delivered and some bathroom stuff delivered but no work can be done because the HDB has not approved the hacking of the wall which mean no work can be done i.e laying tiles, plumbing etc. Meanwhile we have been keeping busy with shopping and gathering information. Spending money like water. We were still wondering about kids and grilles. Would like to have no grilles as far as possible as we just installed the Decorille set of windows but after hearing about the Japanese toddler falling, we are undecided again. Went to Megaman and looked at their light bulbs and thinking of investing in their dimmable CFCs. Quite expensive but may save electricity in the long run and the dimmable function may allow for more creativity with lighting effects. Unable to do anything until the wall is hacked!! Not much point in posting photos as progress is poor
  4. Dear all, I do have family members with asthma and would like to install, soft to touch, sound proof and easy to maintain. Cork tiles sound like the ideal material but can't find supplier in singapore. Anyone with lobang?
  5. Dear all, Renovation work has started with most walls that we wanted hacked done except for the one erected between the kitchen and dining (previous owner covered the old entrance). What surprises me is why does the HDB need more aproval when it was previously an opening anyway. Now, some minor tiling can be done but they still have to wait for the walls to come down first thus some delay. Will try to post some photos.
  6. Hi all, We have engaged Patick (I think) since we have no contract or anything. Getting keys this Friday. Met up with Patrick to choose tiles. Husband met him for the first time then and likes him a lot as well. He gave us a quote but I think it is fluid. We can change by adding or subtracting items. He has been very helpful. Really appreciate the fact that he tries very hard and does not give me a hard time whenever I ask him questions. He just answers them. Not too much opions. Just straight forward pros and cons and then leave it up to you to decide. For example, hubby wanted white tiles and I wanted slightly off white. I could see that Patrick really did not want to influence our decision but politly suggested that we compare them in the sunlight. We still could not decide and then he gave us both samples to bring home so we could mull over it. What a great guy. I just hope he will be there to help out and not be too busy during the reno process. I have not met this other great Ah Kiong but I heard he has been hospitalised Patrick said it is not serious. Hope he is ok.
  7. Patrick quoted 42 K for the whole renovation. Will try to keep to under 50K knowing there will be additional charges here and there. Hopefully, he won't go over by too much. Wondering if the final product will be as hoped but at the moment more concern about workmanship as laying homogenous tiles on lower floors and laminates upper floor. Not much cabinets planned at the moment but we shall see. Hope to move in by late December.
  8. There should be ventilation at the top and at the side as well. Trying to do a lantern effect (semi transparent PVC/polycarbonate/acryic/just plastic covering 2 sides facing the stairs so that light can be seen through. The other 2 sides will be gympsum boards. The inner frames facing the stairs should be wood with some oriental or other designs to act as silhoutte. Tried to illustrate it but not easy. Another view. The doors are louvers for ventilation Plans for upper floors
  9. Would like to install sliding doors for outdoor use so was concern about wood. Contractor says aluminium. Been reading about PVC-U frames. Brand Fascina . Does anyone have any experience with PVC-u frames?
  10. Dear TPY, The center bit was our maid's "Harry Potter" room. Wanted to extend it to the second floor for aesthetic reasons and to make the room appear more spacious. Hopefully won't be needing approval. Hacking of MBR walls to create a window'door will require PE and permit. Patrick is really busy and has not gotten back regarding the quotes. Will still probably go with him. I think he is so busy that we will have to so our own shopping around for tiles etc. Hopefully, he will be able to install them.
  11. yea, finally some success, so here are more http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee226/f...07/DSC_0121.jpg http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee226/f.../DSC_0067-1.jpg http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee226/f...07/DSC_0083.jpg http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee226/f...07/DSC_0076.jpg http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee226/f...07/DSC_0067.jpg http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee226/f...07/DSC_0056.jpg http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee226/f...07/DSC_0132.jpg http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee226/f...007/Draft7a.png Don't know why these ones did not appear. Can anyone enlighten me please
  12. Dear all, Here is a trial of exporting some picts http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee226/f...2007/Draft7.png Another try Sorry, really struggling http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee226/f...2007/Draft7.png http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee226/fishpond_2007/Draft7.png
  13. Dear BhongNCorrine, Thank you very much for the quotes. I have met up with Patrick from Hoe Bee and thus will be able to compare his quotes with what you have given me to see what his prices are like. Thank you very much again. I hope your problems can be speedily and amicably solved by the ID and suppliers. What a headache.
  14. Dear Junkay, I have been drawing some sketches of what we would like done to our place on google sketchup and would like to share it in this thread. How do you post a snap shot? Just met up with Patrick from Hoe Bee today. Told him our ideas and he seemed very receptive. Open about what can or cannot be done. I like him. I have almost 90% made up my mind especially when all the IDs are all talk and no action. Getting key end of this month.
  15. Dear Arknuss, Love your drawing. Part of the reason I am keen to draw my own is because none of the IDs have come back to me with any good drawings. just sketches and I need to convince my HB to spend the money on my idea thus need a nice picture. Will try google sketch again. Will keep you posted. I have just contacted Patrick from Hoe Bee and he says to give him the original and proposed floor plan so he could give me a quote. Seems nice. I will go with him if he is able to do what I need i.e maid's Harry Potter room and bathtubs. Just need a good reliable contractor. Went to Hansgrohe warehouse sale and bought the taps and shower mixers. Had 30% discount. Wanted to just get the star buys $60 for a mixer but had only one and wanted a set. Spent triple the amount because of that. Hope it is worth it. Actually, just need a good mixer that does not make noise when turned on or discolor after a few years. Will try to post more photos. Playing around with imageshack and photobucket.