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  1. Thank you, Simple13! Mmm not actually whole house, about $4.8k excluding kitchen, service yard, both toilets & bomb shelter. The total area covered is about 684 square meter.
  2. Thanks Altenate Tan! Bluebottle:The tempered glass door is done by my id, I do not know which glass vendor he liasie with. 😅
  3. Passage View Bedroom 3 View
  4. Our ID would be handing over to us tomorrow, our total cost for renovation went up to $23 250.We went up to take a look today before paying him the balance.
  5. Thanks Whinnypooh and hillord!
  6. Hi Whinypooh, I just lay over our living room and 3 bedrooms, no skirting, overall was charged 745 psf as we requested 2 more boxes of the HERF for our DIY. We went to expo and got direct from them, quoted me $6 exclude GST. I believe this part I made a mistake as I heard from my ID that he could have given me a better price for the Evorich HERF. If you still have not commit, no harm try asking your ID/contractor too, might be able to save you more.
  7. This is the idea from Mr. OK Can for our room and we love it to max!
  8. Carpentry almost done yesterday which we are very pleased with the outcome:
  9. We wanted our new home to look very simple 'like nothing at all'. We approached total of 3 IDs and 2 contractors. The quotations from 2 IDs were quite competitive (the another ID took my floorplan and did not get back to us), as for the contractors… I’m quite surprise myself that both quotations were on the high side and told me that I am unable to hack some walls. But to be fair, both different contractors did say that he need to go on site to give us a precise quotation. Yet comparing the psf charges from the contractors, their price are abit higher than the IDs. Ended up, we signed with one of the ID, Ronnie (Mr. OK Can), whom right till now, drawn us with his responsive and straight forwardness, most importantly we are comfortable with his presence. Every time we saw some minor issues, his reply always go 'Ok, can' and things will be fix swiftly. My renovation cost (paid 95% already) is $23,000 excluding flooring which we went direct to Evorich $4,782.90, so summing up to: $27, 783. This is our progress till today: