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  1. Air con is here~~~ really like the service from gain city. they are really nice and patience. I must admit that me and my hub are very blur like sotong and simi also dunno. So he actually walk me thru the trunking path and tell me where he will drill hole, where the trunking will be and give me a few options to choose from. When he told me that the water pipe will be at mbr toilet and have to drill hole there i got a shock of my life. we paid so much to overlay the toilet and he is doing that!! after telling him my concern, he keep measure here and there and found a beautiful solution for it. he drill a hole behind my mbr door that connect to my common toilet, and connect the water pipe thru there. in between here and there, i keep calling my contractor and he spoke to the air con technician to solve the problems together. I am very glad that i choose this contract recommended from renotalk! even the air con technician say this contractor very good, as most of the contractor or ID wont bother helping or talk to the technician for so long. But there is this problem here now. Since i will be doing the 13 ft wardrobe, there is no way to hide the trunking by the window there. is there anyway to hide it???
  2. Yeah!! my overlay of MBR toilet is done! quite like the result notice the tiles a bit weird, contractor say cos haven polish and wash. will look better after that. will update the toilet again!
  3. Wooooo... my 3D is out!!! I love my kitchen to the max!!! I ask my contractor not to cover the disk rack, as i find it very inconvenient. contractor actually suggest to have to 2 tall units at the fridge side, but due to budget constraint, have to change to shelving and table top. sob~ the hole at the table top is for me to put in the kitchen trolley, so that i will have extra working space if i needed to due to the small kitchen i have. Ta-dah~~ my kitchen trolley from ikea, my contractor is so nice to assemble this for me for free.. The living room. At first sight was ok. but after staring at it for a while, it looks sibei funny la.. hub also reject this totally.. gonna change this definitely!! Computer Room. This looks ok, but realize the hole below the top cabinet is too small?? have to do some adjustment
  4. Hi Neighbour, which blk are you at? the 13ft wardrobe is so tempting lo, hence we go for it. now a bit regret, cos the air con trunking like cant hide.. T.T I was quite blur one, so i just follow whatever the contractor suggest.. hahaha..
  5. Hihi, thanks for the advise!! is at queenstown. i had already bought my stove. then the gas pipe is at the sink side, if i put at the fridge side, which i tot of earlier also, it has to make a very big round.. so just has to stick beside sink. seriously this layout is super funny lo.. haix
  6. Hi how much did u spend on reno and can intro ur id?

  7. After price cutting, nego, deducting of items, nego again and final discount, we finally got the price we wanted! and the contractor is so cool, draw the layout on the spot for me. cant wait to see the 3D!! Due to the same living area, my sofa can only have 1.8m. In order to get a bigger sofa, my contractor suggest to put the TV console at the left side. Well, save cost to build a smaller tv console also. haha! As for the kitchen, they suggest not to place the fridge at the window, since there will be wind coming in and natural light. So, listen to their recommend, I put my fridge near the service yard. Living Room Divider Study Room Kitchen MBR Wardrobe
  8. Went to Hafary and choose my toilet tiles! Wall Tile Floor Tile Only managed to choose these 2. Cant find others that we like, hope that the end effect is good since there is no 3d for the toilet >.<
  9. Hihi, i think the window at aircon ledge for me wont be a problem, since it wont block my wardrobe, so i just need to grill it up. Hee.. thanks for your suggestion!! I think i just leave the common bathroom as it is. can save cost also. hahah.. your friend is which block? skali we are neighbor side by side! hahah
  10. Things I have bought way before the start of reno.. This is my FAV of ALL!! A lot of my friends told me that its waste of money and no point buying such a high end fridge, you are just staying HDB, not condo or landed. But I really love it leh.. I love the thaw box, every time i need to thaw my frozen meat, i can just put it there and it wun make my food fridge stinky. The Ice box is also separated in another box, so it wont have fishy taste when I put the ice. Its small also that suit my mini kitchen. And whats more! I got a super good deal that cost few hundred cheaper than original price. Just hack and buy la. Bought this TV during audio house 26th anniversary. LG49UF640T 49 Inch @ $1299. I am so stupid! I should have gotta 1 battery or anything cheap to get 1 more $26 voucher. As every $100 spent, you will received 1 $26 voucher. So I only managed to get 12 x $26 voucher. Well, it give me a free Blu Ray player and free delivery. Hence, quite a good deal also i guess. This hob is my love at first sight! its ceramic, 3 burners and best of all, its only 70cm!! Most of the hob is around 80 to 95cm. it will be way too big for my mini kitchen. So i got a hood, build in oven and this hob as a combo and pay it with my audio house voucher and total only cost me $1106. I had no idea what and which model to buy for wash and dryer. I just wan a front load one. So the sales person from gain city intro me this. Since i have group purchase for my project with this outlet gain city, the washer only cost me $849 and free rice cook and a $50 grocery voucher. Hope this washer is not too bad ah. I trust the salesman.. hahah
  11. Things to be done: 1) Divider 2) TV Console with Storage space 3) Computer Table 4) Glass wall??? (Pending) 5) Kitchen 6) 13 Ft wardrobe at MBR 7) Overlay of MBR Toilet 8) Windows at service yard 9) Window grills for all windows 10) Painting 11) Electrician Will 25k be enough for all this?? >.<
  12. Computer Room Both me and hub are gamers, so we need 2 cpu with monitor.. hence need a lonnnnnggggggg table. hahah Glass wall or no glass wall???? its so in trend now!! and its sooo nice! but hub keep saying he has no privacy if my friends come visiting >.<
  13. ya.. I had consider hacking away the yard. But can only hack 1 side cos the other side has 2 pips blocking it directly.. the whole house layout so weird.. T.T
  14. My Idea and liking: Living Room: Lots of STORAGE! and a divider