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  1. Selling the following FANCO items: 4 x Fanco Ceiling Fans (3 Bronze, 1 white)4 x Fanco Light Kits (comprises of 2 energy light-bulbs in each kit)4 x Fanco Remote Control
  2. Hi Aron, Please advise how thick will the trunking be if i use: G23 copper pipes, 1/2" Class "0" Armaflex insulation, 16mm drainage pipe? Also, the size of the trunking if i use the thicker G22 copper pipes instead? Is G23 suffice/suitable for HDB? Thanks.
  3. Hi Jerome, Able to get quotation from you for the following Hobs: FG 3793 SVSS/SVGL FG 3773 SVSS/SVGL FG 2792 SVSS/SVGLBasically, I am looking for a durable, gas-saving and not-too-expensive hob. If you have any recommendation for other brands / models, i am happy to consider them too. As for Hood, I am open for recommendation too. Thanks.
  4. Hi, appreciate someone can PM me the contacts of Alvin Aw's from Matrix Concept. Thanks much!