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  1. Hi! you have a really beautiful house! can you pm me your contractor contact please? Many thanks!
  2. oh sorry, just saw above that his name is Rix. Thanks! It would be helpful if you are able to share indicative price range Thanks!
  3. Hi there! I was going to leave you a PM but it seems like you can't receive new mages I gotta say, your home looks really beautiful and well done! I am looking to have a similar mixed scandi/industrial home as well, and am quite keen to approach Fuse Concepts after reading your detailed review. Understand that you are not too keen to share your home reno cost as materials/size of home might differ, but would it be possible to give an indicative price range for the work done for your place? Just so i won't get a heart attack after approaching Fuse. Mine's a 4 room BTO. And lastly, the id you liaised with at Fuse Concept is called Rex? Thank you!