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  1. Well many have already PMed me and I have shared with them, PM shows a kind of interest and not just bull.. PM me and i will share it with you too!
  2. i have no idea what's t-blog man.. I'm just a satisfied owner who had her renovation done and liked to share my experience.. thats all
  3. Well I did offer to share my details with anyone who's keen in trying that ID out and PM me for it... if you are keen, do PM me too.. Who would share their personal address here in public? come on dude.. just PM me if you want it alright? I have nothing to be afraid of, so if u insist on not wanting to PM me like other ppl did, then don't blame me...
  4. Sharing the good stuff isn't really offensive right? my ID even brought me to a lighting shop at balestier which i spent less than $1.5k for the overall lightings for my home.. did some research on my own in gelling lighting shops and jurong ones, and this balestier one is really the cheapest.. Don't get so uptight dude.. u should learn to chill and well, take things easy...
  5. Hi! If you need any proof or my quote, do PM me for it and i will share it with you.. Of cos i have been very enthu with the renovation, it is completed and therefore i'm sharing it with the people here now who needs help. is that wrong? =)
  6. Hi guys! I just had my renovation works done for my new 4-room BTO and am very pleased with the overall experience, materials, looks and finishing, therefore I'm briefly sharing my experience here in case some of you may be keen too. My husband and I are really into the contemporary look, because we like displaying items, and of cos the colour schemes for this concept. We happened to come across an ID that was recommended here a few months ago, and after a few meetings with that ID, we decided to go for him. Don't know why but he gives us a great sense of assurance and responsibility so ya.. hahahaha His quotation of 38k wasn't the cheapest, as some IDs quoted me around roughly 30k, but his carpentry designs and thoughtfulness captured us in. He wasn't pushy, handled our concerns and needs carefully and even spent lots of time accompanying us shopping for lightings, furnitures, literally everything we need in our new home. Regularly site inspections by him and the constant updates on the on-going works helps us to save lots of time too. If you doubt me, maybe you can try meeting up with him and see for yourselves. Some IDs insisted that I pay a design fee of about 1500-2000 before they can come up with everything, but he didn't even asked us to pay anything until all the proposal work is done and accepted by us.. with 0 hidden costs, we didn't feel cheated at all.. If you are keen to give my ID a try, do drop me a personal message and I will get back to you when I'm free again.