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  1. Yikes! Really seem like a lot of work. Oh well, managed to arm twist my ID to do it for me at no additional cost in the end (thankfully!)
  2. Hi! Sorry to ask a noob question. At the start of reno, my ID refused to change my door frames to the bedrooms (saying that my marble flooring will be damaged if remove existing door frame, and cannot find back the same size, blah, blah, blah) for my 20 year old apartment and so I got him to repaint the frames but it looks ugly now. I tried asking him to repaint the frames now in a dark color to hide the blemishes and he said he will have to charge me additional $150 per door frame! So anyone can help me out of this predicament? I don't wish to pay such ridiculous amount so I wanna ask if I can DIY and repaint it myself before my bedroom doors get installed next week! The repainted color is glossy yellow and I'm looking at painting dark brown/black.
  3. I looked at the box and the lights are made in china. I also ordered some from taobao. Will compare and see if there's any difference when those from taobao arrives. Actually I also bought 2 KDK ceiling fans from JB but have not installed so can't comment yet but you are right, it is a lot cheaper esp with current exchange rate. How do you know that the motor is not as fast? You compared them side by side?
  4. Hi, May I ask when the 20% discount is until? cheers!
  5. Same prices as the normal LED lights that lighting shops here sell but I bought those from the brand - Philips and from the authorised distributor of Philips in JB so warranty is definitely valid but also depends on whether you can be bothered to bring it back. I just bought extras in case and had the gals tested out those that I purchased one by one so make sure that they are working. Philips LED downlights no further discount but if you buy other types of light from Philips or other brands, there will be further discount. If I recall correctly, if I bought them here, each one would cost me about $50 - $60.
  6. Schneider electric vivace switches are cheaper than legrand mallia here...
  7. I just bought my LED lights over the weekend from JB and the Philips 4" LED round downlight only cost me RM32 each.
  8. Not sure if anyone is still interested in the Aeratron fans but I saw them at Tampoi Lighting in JB. Was RM800+ for the normal black one. The wooden version cost slightly more RM900+? Didn't look at it in details because I was not in the market for that brand. I bought KDK's DC fan for about S$225 each, which is retailing for $460+ I last checked.
  9. Please send me information & pricing for DC fans. Need 2 units (1 for master bedroom and 1 for living/dining room)
  10. Please quote me for 1) 1 x System 3 Multi-split system 9K BTU 2) 2 x Single System 18 or 24K BTU This is for a pte apt and need pipings to be redone.