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  1. my potential contractor MIA after 1 week. maybe they are having a (untidy) place for their office. i suggest if ur apartment is hdb, is advisable to get a hdb approved one.
  2. ya true. i didnt expect contractors will disappear... only heard before owners disappearing. now i know and will share with the rest (anyone).
  3. how about incidents owners are busy? moreover was recommended by friends/relatives. and ya, you are right, if they do not have projects.. but it was asked that if they are having many projects on hands and is a small project, before invitation.
  4. that's happen mostly for BTOs. i agree. but most of the contractors doesn't like to do open market apartments or sometimes new condos/EC if the condition are good or some private properties are quite nicely done already. . it was communicated before inviting them down - like the project is really small. do you have many projects on hand?. contractors/IDs shouldn't even waste owners' time as well??
  5. there are alot of these blacksheeps around. especially when I asked them for their business reg. number. they gave me another name, telling me they are xxx's sister or brother 's company. so must be very careful and hardworking with your research..
  6. Hello, any idea how about resale flats? Should I paint the house first or change the switch sockets?
  7. Before inviting contractor to come onsite for quotation, already stated clearly that the project is small. Contractor was recommended by someone (who did up their house), and felt the works is not bad. Contractor knew that the project is small, but after onsite quotation.. we plan to move forward with this contractor... can't believe that contractor give so much excuses eg: will give quotation asap, busy, will give quotation soon, away from singapore, etc. After 1 week, no official quotation came. Boom... Disappeared. We do not know why, but we have informed contractor that the project is small. Disappointed ! Anyone experience this before??
  8. spaceger

    Skk Paint

    yes, i heard is smelly because lesser chemical than those who claims odorless ...
  9. I realised contractor /ID always like to say "cannot" and give you solutions - buy a new one, replace one. etc. Zzz maybe u can find those specialist in door for them to assess.