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  1. Hi Gene, Thank you for your reply. Oh no! The reno firm did not ask for full payment but payment in parts. However the bank issued me the full sum and not in parts. I'm just wondering how can I go through all these with as minimal distrust as possible.
  2. My bank issued me a cashier's order for the full renovation sum instead of the split up sums. How can I ensure that all the renovation works are being done smoothly and on time after handing over the money? Can anyone suggests how I should go about this process? I am ok to hand over the full amount, however as this is my first time dealing with this firm which was recommended by the renotalk website, I'm afraid to get the short end of the stick once the full amount is paid before the reno. I tried asking the bank to change to seperate cheques but they said there will be a $200 surcharge😠😠. Can anyone please suggest some ways? Thank you.
  3. I will be engaging the above ID firm. I cannot seem to find any reviews on the company and yet going by gut instinct, I'm hiring them. I met with the ID twice already and he appeared knowledgeable in the renovation procedures and design. Basically they met my budget (about 20k). I am overhauling the whole kitchen, bathroom, and toilet. Plus wiring, plumbing, painting , and cleaning works. Nothing is being done for the hall and the 3 rooms. I hope my gut instinct is right. Anyone has had any experience with them?
  4. Would like to ask the current home owners. For the kitchen sink, is it better to do it the old way where the edges of the sink is exposed, or the new way where the edges are hidden by the countertop. My ID is suggesting the old design whereby the sink's edges are exposed. His reason is that if the sink does get broken and requires a change, no need to hack / replace the countertop. If done the new way, it'll be more expensive as need to hack/replace the countertop. Personally, I like the new design however I can understand from the ID's point of view. Just how often does one expect to change one's sink anyway? Advice anyone?
  5. Hi there, please contact me as I'm intending to purchase 4 ceiling fans. 1 for the hall and 3 for the rooms. Thank you.
  6. Hi there....can please pm me your Reno firm? I'm also looks Ng at doing very basic work similar to yours.
  7. Bought a 4S, high floor at Bedok South. No COV. Your agent must know the surrounding property well to ensure that she/he can negotiate a good price so that you pay as little COV as possible. My agent was very good as she bothered to go find out the price and COV of the other units at same block. Hence when we offered the seller, I knew I was paying fairly similar to what was being sold a few floors up/down. The seller wanted about 20K more however we showed them the selling price of their neighbours hence they also agreed to lower base on the information we had.