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  1. Hi Bro, Could you recommend some celling fan for me? Need something for the livingroom and 3 other room with bright led light. Thanks
  2. Hi, Anyone use LG top before? Also what is a good top to use? Thanks
  3. Thanks Katechua and janinekoh @Katechua, is the megatex expo sales still on? @Janinekoh, I'm doing mostly chinese and western cooking (Steak, grill, bake and roast). Which model do you think it suit my cooking? Thanks
  4. Hi Farisj07, Do you know of any model that is good? I'm doing mostly chinese and western cooking (Steak, grill, roast and bake). I'm looking for something with 3 burner and a hood that have bright light and strong suction because chinese cook always have a lot of smoke. Thanks
  5. HI All, Anyone know of any sale that is going on now for hod and hood? Also can anyone intro me a good brand and model. I have not really go out to look yet but would like to know where i should start looking one. Thanks
  6. Hi All, Anyone know which brand is good for in-bulit oven? Also im looking for hob and hood. Any sale that your know of now Thanks