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  1. what about those soft, lightweight mesh net? like this type of mosquito insect magnetic mesh screen door? this is from the united states though so I can't order from them, will be looking at qoo10 or lazada i guess. i live in HDB 5th floor its **** annoying to have mosquitos here. my baby is bitten everytime when there is peak season
  2. hate mosquitoes a lot. hdb 5th floor is really not that good. been living at 12th for my childhood now at 5th floor but lots of mosquitoes at night. my baby is bitten every time there is peak mosquito seasons
  3. pandan leaves! leave it in the car and the smell will turn them away
  4. wah u ordered stuff from america?
  5. i seems to keep hearing KDK brand is it really that good? locally made?