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  1. I went to a carshop to do the total disinfection and cleaning of the car. took about 6 hours. baby cockroaches still appear a few weeks later. the garage did say they cannot eliminate the eggs... while the golden rule is no food in the car, but with a toddler how? then i am now trying those super sticker that attracts and sticks these b*st*rds. lets see if it works...
  2. Just to share, i have done my servicing with Aircon.guru, after discussing this with another user in a different forum. The website is user friendly and easy to navigate. all your booking info and request and schedule is in your account. Any changes you can live-chat with them or contact them. the Admin is pretty on the ball. But they do only standard stuff - regular cleaning, chemical wash and chemical overhaul. if you need repair, better to get someone else who can come and review. Altho Aircon.guru said they can help FOC, in terms of repair work they will just be the middle man to do the coordination.
  3. Does the location of the work affects the quote? i am living at Joo Koon.