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  1. Hi, I hope it is in apporiate section, i have paid most of my money to the contractor, but they are really quite suck, delayed so much time, so i have gave them a final call, if they cannot finish they need to give me refund, they said ok one, but I really doubt it, so if they dont by then, any authority i can ask for help? sighh, even they delay again.. i think i cannot do anything right? can someone give me some suggestion what can i do? This last call to them is even two weeks later already when we talked about refund in the conversation that time, the conversation was referred before CNY, i comprised so much to them already, really cannot stand anymore
  2. Hi, may I know your review to this lock? How is it? I am looking for digital lock for my home as well
  3. Because of budget, I only wish to install on my door, any budget type that you have?
  4. i dont know what happened to here, i just couldnt post my initial post, luckily i did copy and paste into my evernote, a bit long, so i dont wish to rewrite again, you guy can view here https://www.evernote.com/l/AC1dIeqjrZJCf5FgbOMgiYRMd23D3CnQcNY ---- i dont really do any homework or too much comparison, i roughly searched and came across this studio - de home studio, they looked good, everything was really smooth before they start the work, i got some mistakes about collecting house key and have to postpone my work one month later, they also ok, anyway, they always OKAY with everything, from my first appointment until they build the wardrobe, i kept mentioning what i want (until i felt embarrassing), in fact i really wish to have a wardrobe that i want, nothing too much fancy but just some little requests, of coz, they were ok coz they are ok to everything like i said i just do some touch-up for my house, number one is the services from this contractor, i got the contacts of 2 and 3 myself, therefore he needs to manage the time with another two parties build in wardrobe ($1800), cabinet and quite some stuff dismantlement ($800), wall mirror ($280), painting ($1000) install new sockets and all lights and fan installation (got the contact from this forum, Christina, instead very responsible and good quality and informative for her work progress) aircon installation what i was unhappy with them: they said everything can be finished within 2 weeks, but it has been 24 days now, i am still waiting for my wardrobe to be fixed, luckily 90% of the job has been done the toilet accessories installation date delayed 4 times and they never inform me, each time i asked, they will say the next day or xx day, but end up the plumber never turn up and they never inform me only when i ask or go down to check wardrobe installation also delayed few times, i am quite disappointed with the details, because i think these mistakes can be avoided in the beginning (overall the wardrobe still not bad though), and i dont know how they communicate with their carpentry, anyway, if they have good communication and these mistakes wont happen, and my wardrobe has been done, but i am still waiting for them to fix, really wasting my time and affect my arrangement they gave wrong information to my electrician, therefore the electrician installed 2 sockets at the wrong position what they are good with: i kept telling them please finish everything before 20 Dec (work start on 31 Dec, but they couldnt finish within 2 weeks until now), the earlier the better, because i want to have buffer time to make sure everything is good then only i arrange the cleaner to clean my house entirely before i can move in, but during their first chemical wash, they cleaned most of the rubbishes and stains, and i dont need to hire people to clean anymore because i am able to clean myself with that condition, so they saved my $200 (but, i actually spent additional $200 for painting sealer and $350 for heater storage piping, heart also bleeding lol) the painting did quite well too, at least i dont see anything wrong, lets see in the future i dismantled quite many stuff, i felt $800 is quite worth their attitude is always good even though i sounded unhappy, then it made me feel guilty (i only sounded unhappy when those delays have happened coz i hate people who are not punctual or didn't give the word) i did have some last min request and flicker mind about some stuff, they also ok, i felt bad to myself they are still quite responsible to their work quality in general, but this time, wardrobe really disappointed me and that is the thing i care the most because having a personal wardrobe is always my desire below are some stuff for the wardrobe, as i said, they shouldnt happen in the beginning My wardrobe design I asked him many times, i dont want any partition in top part, will it be an issue, he said no, but first build I saw the partition I mentioned many times i want a plug inside the wardrobe for hair dryer, this was what happened at first, after that they installed inside the wardrobe, but it was still at the wrong position, I want it to be in the middle but they installed at the bottom, haiz... then no choice, have to accept Another personal request and mentioned to them many times, repeated many times, but I still see something I dont wish to see, I wonder if they will do this later, if it is still flat i also no choice Plug at bottom, wrong position and not even, i think they dont have common sense at this part If they have good communication, these issues wont happened at all, and It has been a week for them to fix the unfit planks, they promised to fix and say on 16 Jan but still not fix yet until now, say next Monday, anyway, the second row first pic is how they solved the problem and made that 3 levels to be even, i also expected they will make new holes instead of redo that part coz it is quite impossible to redo, i know they wont, but the unfit planks really made me speechless... do you think these wardrobe issues should happen? i already kept mentioning what i want to them in the beginning I told them to clean as clean as possible again on Monday because they delayed again, i couldnt clean the house myself now, my furniture will in on Tues! I just want to clean the whole house again without any anything in the house yet, that is easier for me, unlike now, sighh.... Monday only they will fix the wardrobe, i really wish they can done nicely and no more issue...
  5. I am looking for a system 2 aircon, one for my room one for the living room, i am not familiar with aircon, but money is my first priority then the overall performance or quality of the aircon, except the 1 and 2 ticks, which others do you guys recommend? i wish hassle-free though, let said there are 2 models A and B, price is $100 different, but generally B is better but more expensive, i will still go for B becasue price not much different, i wish hassle-free... haha... alright, then i came across this company, https://www.facebook.com/DIYAppliances it seems good, have good rating on facebook too, they even replied every single comment on fb and google review, if anyone of you who had experience with them, could you guys recommend the salesman that you engaged with to me? i want honest one, haha.. i really really appreciate!! so, which one do you recommend? actually what is mitsubishi heavy? it sounds like more industry usage for me though... is there anything i need to consider? anyway, my house has aircon already and need to be dismantled and they provide this service too
  6. hi, can also pm me the contact? i would like to re-wiring my flat too, thanks!!!
  7. Hi, i also need a quotation for re-wiring my 43 sq m house (1 bedroom type), please text me, so i can show you the floor plan and necessary information for your action, thanks
  8. just wish to get "i get what i paid", so hopefully can get a good reputation one? any recommendation?
  9. Hi, could you give me the contact? I am looking for wardrobe specialist too, to be honest I am a bit lazy to research here and there and compare here & there, just wish "I get what I paid" and they must be responsible to their customer & product
  10. i am jealous with your smeg fridge i also wish to get the 1 door type but it is freaking expensive at $3k! lazada has it at $2700 smt... do you have any idea where can i get it cheaper but reliable?