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  1. You should try a lister not a property agent. These guys have multiple agents under them and generally if they run a reputable business they their agents are trustable. The perks of a lister is that he has a far wider portfolio and you're more likely to get something that you want rather than what a single property agent has in his portfolio and is trying to sell you, thus, seeming like "ripping" you off. I have a friend who's a lister, will pm you his contact, try it out.
  2. If you go through www.findaguysg.com and you like the ID they refer you to, you can get a cash rebate on your total project cost. It's free also
  3. Anybody used www.findaguysg.com to get interior designers ? Saw a guy post about it saying they give cash rebates and discounts on interior design. I just dropped an enquiry on their website since it's free.
  4. Anybody tried using www.findaguysg.com to find their interior designer yet ? I saw some guy posting about it saying they give good discounts and cash rebates for going through them. I just sent in an enquiry since it's free.