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  1. Hi chandelier with 200 crystal hanging there cost me $190 to install. Initially shop told us $150 and we changed the installation date due to some reasons the day before. On the installation day itself, the installation guy told us $40 additional for changing date last minute. The shop didnt inform us of this over the phone. Is this right?
  2. Hi, as lift entrance is only about 900mm and the inside lift is about 1000mm whereas my sofa (straight Shape with movable/fordable back rest) is about 1070mm, couldnt deliver the soft to my house. Furniture shop said i got to hire outsider mover to carry up by stairs and its minimum $20/floor. Thats lots of cost added. is there better way?
  3. Dear All I have bought the HDB resale house and the door has been used for more than 10 years. There are some cracks in the front side of the door. Initially we thought we would like to do paint spray and change some door accessories, but we are now considering to change it into the new door. I have been checking the door installation websites, not sure if the price and type of door is correct. Kindly advise. Thanks. Door size: 4ft (double leaf) Accessories: Magnetic stopper, eye viewer, press lockset (we purchased the digital door lock to replace with the key part here, though) Door type: Fire-rated.... in this case, Veneer OR nyatoh ply???? (most curious part) Price: I checked with suppliers, they mentioned no credit card and price ranges from $1350 to $1680. If add steel lines, $15-$50 per line. Payment scheme: 30-50% deposit upon order confirmation, the balance to be paid upon completion. ** we need a installation service for our digital door lock if can be provided.
  4. Hi, guys Please see and advise me on this quotation if reasonable. Living & Dining ($4,650) homog.tiles $3.20~3.80 (60x60cm) ---- Size of the space: 5200 X 4900 (Less Bombshelter 3200 X 1500) + 3500 X 3200 Mater BR Flooring ($1,560) Parquet $9.5sqft (300mmX50mm) --- Size of the space: 3000 X 3800 Kitchen Flooring ($2,200) Price of tiles: we choose the European tiles. ($6.00-$9.00) Size of the space: 4300 X 2500 (Less Kitchen Cabinet 1000x2500, 2000x600, 2500x600) Thank you in advance!
  5. Hi, All. Just bought 4-room flat (about 90sqm.) We are trying to make our first home as cozy, stylish like a palace. :-) Overall hacking, over-lay and feature walls and indirect lights will be included and 1 entire room will be our dressing room with wardrobes by carpentry work. For our reno work, is it possible to reach more than $80K? just wanna know it can be that expensive..