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  1. I will go for without gst with hdb license contractor/ ID. No gst means company is smaller, not overwhelm with too many clients. Probably job can be complete earlier. ..that’s my take. And that’s what i just did.
  2. That dining chair - my first order from Fortytwo. Bought two chairs to see if its comfortable and sturdy. Coincidentally, items arrived when my mum in law came. She’s of a much bigger size, so we let her test it I’ll be getting 4 more of these chairs soon
  3. Not much reno was done for living room. Trying to keep it simple Finding time to get new furnitures in. Both stool and sofa are from previous house. Bought the sofa cover online, sofa will go back into my son’s room (that’s his originally.. for gaming) when I’ve settle down for a new sofa.
  4. Okay..., since I (still) do not know how to attach pic in PM, those who enquired, here’s my blinds supplier namecard. Do call/ msg him directly. They do curtains too Good things must share! Facebook: TG Curtains & Blinds
  5. Currently, the living room is in a mess. Still need alot of unpacking to be done. Stuff we brought over We started packing slowly way back in Dec. My hubby doesn’t like the idea doing it last minute.., dump everything in the boxes. He kept stressing out, ”MUST pack NICELY.” ”Group into one box.” ”Label NICELY.” ”MUST wrap ourselves NICELY.” Ok lor..
  6. Kitchen: I still cant figure out why the laminate looks darker in photo... Close up- View from service yard Original kitchen entrance: I’m still working on the clock...
  7. Here are the before and after: my girl’s room. Boy’s room:
  8. Installation of 10ft tinted mirror at dining area. Pics taken last week:
  9. Blinds were installed last Tuesday. Living and study room: Master bedroom: Common rooms: Total cost: $1188!! Next cheapest quote I received was $1800 (excluding installation). Same material used, only that this seller do not own a shop. So save up on rental fee i suppose.. From sample appointment all the way to installation day, everything went well. Seller was punctual and easy to deal with.
  10. 22nd march: finally my house is ready! Except for mirrors/ frame doors which will arrive on monday. With that said, we will be moving in our furnitures earlier on sunday Will post again full pics of renovation once doors and mirrors are up
  11. 20th march: Colour of vinyl is okay..., but its still not grey enough Fans and kitchen light. Over at Tampoi cashier, I’ve already paid for track lights but suddenly this ‘sparkly’ light caught my eyes. So I decided to buy this instead. It comes with 3colours light. Kitchen downlights still have not install. Will only install after my hood is up. Kitchen black chimney hood: Storage heater: Fans (living and study): living room fan colour is actually light grey. If you notice, the fans wiring are sealed behind the ceiling. It’s not approved by hdb standard but I’ll pull my hair if the contractor decline. Die die must follow my instruction. kitchen no trunking too I will not have a built in tv console. I hate the idea of living with the same thing for 5, 10years later. Just box up the wiring will do (top right pic). ...and so I’m left with about 5working days to move in.
  12. This was taken on 17th march: Didn’t get to take more pics, hp was out of battery. Yesterday, contractor update that he spent one whole day cleaning the current tiles before he can overlay the vinyl. Overlay of vinyl should take place today. I prefer grey vinyl so Hubby chose this colour. He said this is grey where else I don’t see any grey. It looks brown to me. Contractor cleaned the oily windows too and main door, constructed a beam for my study room sliding door. Kitchen area still so dark. Downlights and ceiling light not install yet. Fans installed. The tinted full height mirror will only arrive in a week time As of now, I should say the reno is 70% complete.
  13. 14th march: 16th march: kitchen - laminate is actually lighter in colour. See sample below. Working top, black quartz Clear tempered fix and swing door at service yard dining area: will place 10ft full height tinted mirror
  14. 13th march: Think I will ask to add one more railing for each common rooms wardrobe Kitchen (the best lighting I could get): I will be doing just bottom kitchen cabinet with L-box downlights. Keeping it simple and clean look. They have cleared all the rubbish to start on false ceiling/ L-box. Was informed ceiling works will take about 2days to complete. I believe the reno can be completed in a month. So far so good.. Tomorrow I will start choosing toilet doors (SK), study room sliding door and 10feet full height mirror (dining area).
  15. Those who dm me asking for my blinds cost (I’ve no idea how to attach photo through dm). Here you go: Price quoted for half height windows. Installation looking at 27th-28th march.
  16. Hi KFC1189, Only the common rooms and study will have built in shelves for my kids books/ plush toys. I dont intend to do for living as my current house do have one but I don’t keep anything inside, so it’s not practical. Will just dump suitcases in the storeroom, 2tier shelves.
  17. Hi michmichtooo, yes its cheaper there esp fans. 1st trip, i bought: 25 LED downlights. 1 x Elmark fan with light (study room). Saw this in sg for $300plus. Got in jb 300plus too but in RM. 1 x ceiling light with 4colour light (kitchen) 3 x ceiling light (bedrooms) 3 x small ceiling light (toilet and store room) total cost about RM1200 2nd trip: grey Elmark 52” ceiling fan with 4blades, 3colours light RM999 (living room). Saw a shop in balestier selling for about $800. 16ft T5s 2small LED downlights
  18. Kichen wall: Today I got my windows measured for: venetian blinds - living and study. combi blinds - 3bedrooms.
  19. Hi javier, You mean how i bought those tiles? My contractor has an account with them. So we walked in and looked for the salesperson he recommended to assist us. I think contractor/ id have special discount from them.
  20. We’ve decided to keep the doors, have it paint in white and change to lever handle. living room: false wall to hide the wiring for tv area study room, we’ll put up 4panels sliding door