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  1. Kitchen update: Not much work was done since friday kitchen floor - Matt grey. Great for someone who cooks everyday I keep reminding the contractor whatever delay (hopefully no hiccup along the way) there is, the bedrooms and living must be ready on time, so I’ll have space to store my stuff/ furnitures from current house.
  2. March 11th: Common room 1 - 6ft wardrobe Master room - 10ft wardrobe Common room 2 - 6ft wardrobe
  3. We came back again today at 630pm to check on the progress but unable to snap clearer photo as electricity were turn off. Both toilets tiling work complete ✔️ Kitchen floor complete ✔️ One side of the kitchen cabinet base has been constructed. Did a quick measurement and all are according to the drawing’s. (Blurry and dark photo - There was no light)
  4. Master toilet: This was taken last night. We requested to box up the piping and construct one concrete shelf
  5. Master toilet homogeneous tiles will be up tomorrow From this: ..to this- last minute changes:
  6. Sliding door bedroom wardrobe (2x6ft, 1x10ft) and Kitchen. No 3d drawing
  7. All ID exceeded our budget. 3contractors shortlisted. Arranged for meet up at my house. Why I picked contractors over IDs? Significant savings. All 3contractors quoted me about the same price. ...After adding in items last minute (boxing up pipes/ walls, etc), I raised my budget up alittle bit... .. And alot of touching up as this house was covered with wallpapers. Never buy a house with wallpapers, you might never know what they’re hiding behind it. Holes! Cracks!
  8. Electrical works done ✔️ Hacking all done ✔️ Cement screed/ plaster wall done ✔️ Box up toilet piping and hollow walls done ✔️
  9. My budget initially was 43k (nothing is to be kept, everything got to be removed) for renovation excluding furniture/ toilet acc/ kitchen appliances etc. But since we started to add this and that (ichy backside), will be meeting my contractor later for final quotation. My contractor is a pakcik (malay uncle hahaha) with many years in the industry. We realised those 10quotes we gotten, only 3 are HDB licensed listed on HDB page. Pakcik is one of them.
  10. Photos of last week hacking works in progression. Took just 3days to complete.
  11. Tampoi Lighting Centre: Bought —> 25 LED downlights 1 x fan with light (study room) 1 x ceiling light with 4 colour light (kitchen) 3 x ceiling light (bedrooms) 3 x small ceiling light (toilet and store room) will be going again to grab this grey Elmark 52” ceiling light for living room and T5s.
  12. I have actually started with my renovation works. Should be ready (MUST BE READY) by 27th march or I will have nowhere to stay! I need to hand over keys to new owner of my current house by 28march. Yes, we requested for extention of stay since we were the contra party.
  13. After 12years, we decided to sell our current home and bought a 5A resale flat. After viewing for at least 5houses, we’ve settled for this house which is nearer to MRT but condition was seriously horrible. (By the way, we are diy buyer doing contra) Long story short, after receiving about 10quotations, we knew we had to go for a contractor, it can save us 10-20k! Theme: “my style” — I see, I like, I buy My second home should be something simple. I have always wanted the white look (for current house) but with 2babies of couse it’s impossible. So now that they’re in primary schooler, I will try to archieve that look. Ok, I’ll try.... but er, definitely no white kitchen as I cook everyday.