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  1. Thanks for the advise.I do, however, have other plans of my own So u mean is that this is actual just a matter of good interior design and planning, and not so much of a HDB regulation roadblock?
  2. Hi, Just wondering if it's easy to build a dry kitchen in the HDB living room, similar to a condo studio unit where the kitchen is located at the entrance. I googled online, and only managed to find one example of a HDB flat where the ID shifted the kitchen into the living room. Minus the ugly pipes running along the walls, I'm trying to see if there are potential problems, issues. Do we need HDB approval, if it's just a simple case of running the fresh water and waste water pipes into the living room? If needed, do you think it'll be a straightforward approval,or are there other considerations?
  3. Thanks for ur inputs. Is the example of the recess area similar to mine?
  4. Hi, I am looking for a resale flat, and had found one unit I'm interested in. I'm looking to purchase the recess area long the corridor. But the problem is this: this area is not directly outside my door, but it's outside the living and bedroom windows. Please refer to the attached picture. I have seen people putting all sorts of things along this recess area. The reason I'm thinking of buying this area is for additional privacy as I can fence up this area for the extra gap between the windows. The corridor is very wide so even if I fence it up, the walkway has still enough space. Do you guys think whether HDB will approve?