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  1. On 9/24/2017 at 10:01 PM, KFC1189 said:

    Hi Clarence,

    Your platform bed has storage under the bed, right? How do you access those storage under the bed? Do you need to lift the mattress up first and then open the storage cover plank? isn't this too troublesome? Also I think if you have a king size bed, there is not enough space to get in and out of the bed. You will need to crawl in and out. Do think for your wife when she is pregnant, she will have difficulty getting in and out of the bed. Perhaps a queen size bed is a better option.

    Hi @KFC1189

    storage under bed yes, it's for those items that we will not take out such as old CD collections, albums, etc. Will have to lift the mattress in order to access the storage.
    And for bed size, i only accept king size. Queen size is a no-no as we currently share a queen bed and it's too small for us.

    As to crawling in/out, idont really think so. My platform bed + mattress height is = normal bed height + bedframe that you buy outside. Therefore there is not much difference in terms of height.
    The overall height is exactly the same as how a storage bed will feel like.

    Hope that helps.

    On 9/25/2017 at 7:54 AM, JennyTan said:

    Hi, yours are Evorich HERF or ISOCORE? what is the code selection for living room? Looks nice.


    living room is Amsterdam Eggshell, idont know the code. Perhaps you can check evorich website on HERF?

  2. 10 hours ago, dietgalvon said:

    @Clarence Lye Evorich did it for me. Initially my liaison told me that too, but I don't believe that trimming will result in the need to trim door because it's really thin. So I told him to get his guy to bring an extra piece for the main door nevertheless (if need to trim then I will not go ahead). But end up, it works fine. Lol.

    You need to confirm if the trimming is the same as mine though. Heard that there are some bulkier metal trimmings in the market.

    i check with my evorich guy he say cant do leh. he even brought down the trimming. butnevermind, mine still ok..

  3. 10 minutes ago, sherlynkua said:

    Thanks Clarence!

    Yep, it was really preetz in real life! So glad we did away with Pernanakan tiles! :D

    Total reno cost was about $40-$45k if I'm not wrong! 

    not too bad, given there's alot of works involved, such as false ceiling, cove lights, etc.
    So only overlay for MBR?

    where to get the MBR small round drainage hole? there's a big and small one right, ilooking for the small one in stainless steel metal

  4. Got some updates on my 3D drawings. this is after selection of the new laminates.
    IMO, i think it looks much better now. But I still prefer my living display area to have more of the pop in/out effect as this seems a little too less?

    Before vs After amendments:

    Living Area






    (This last photo on the service yard

     is quite outdated as the laminates wasnt update. Anyway its just for reference.)



    MBR (Pardon the ugly momento wall in 3D, should be nicer in real life? Lol)


    I've amended the backing of the wardrobe with the pattern lines. I drew those lines as idont like it to be "boxy" as per the photo.

    There are a few errors in the 3D:
    - wall paint colours not included in most of the 3D
    - Bedroom floor colour is incorrect, we selected the Amsterdam Silver, so the floor should look darker.
    - missing leaf door for walk-in wardrobe, not sure what happen to the door. It went missing. :huh:

    Anyway 3D just for reference, so still ok. So long actual product is better i'm fine.


    Today, Evorich is doing the vinyl flooring.



    and it's DONE. Very fast and good. Will take better pic when i go down. 

  5. 17 hours ago, matchalatte said:

    thanks for the cleaning tips, will definitely get WD40 ready. any idea how to clean cement, paint & putty stains off walls & floors? im going to forgo the acid/chemical wash that is often included with every reno. heard horror stories about how existing grouting would disappear and a regrout would be necessary and i really dont want to go thru the hassle. my flooring is already done and im happy with the grouting so far. soim going to just do the cleaning myself. 

    haha to be honest i did try cleaing, scrubbing and it doesn't work.

    the other time when there's cupboard laid on my kitchen floor, it got wet and etc.. it has now stained my grout and it became brownish-yellow.
    So there was this week i went down and scrub and wash the toilet floor, kitchen floor.. doesn't help!! :~

    i think chemical wash will easily remove all these off.

    for cleaning of paint, just buy a bottle of thinner and use a cloth or clothes that you dont want
    for cleaning of cement, putty, you will need to buy a plastic scrapper or metal scrapper. i use it together with a screw driver to knock it (sort of like you wanna chip it off), then wipe off with wet cloth or thinner.
    for cleaning of grout, i tried those grout cleaner - doesnt work for my stained grout cause by the cupboard paper.. :help:

  6. 15 hours ago, Songz said:

    The fan is just like Apple phone (Apple fans plsdonwhack me >.< )

    You are buying because of the brand :P :P :P

    True also.. But the brand carries their reputation and quality of the product as well. So it has to be of certain quality/performance in order to be marketed at that price.

    Just hope it's good lah. I just hoping all my products will last me at least 5years, given that most of them arent cheap.
    All my electrical appliances (fridge, aircon, washing machine, etc) we also purchased the extended warranty to cover everything for 5years.

    at least we dont have to worry anything in this 5years till it spoils after that. 

  7. 45 minutes ago, spikeling said:

    Great purchase! You plan to paint the momento paint yrself? Is it difficult to master coz I believe it will turn out ugly if you don't have the right skills..

    Does the shop also sell the Fino II? How much is your Fino I? Thanks!

    The shop doesn't recommend anyone to buy fino because of the high cost.

    Fino 1 @ 498
    Fino 2 @ 930


    they recommend me to get other model/brands such the ones below, but we both not interested. :help:
    - Elmark P80
    - Deka M3
    - Deka M16

    I called up a few stores in malaysia and Yako is one of the cheapest for Fino fans.

  8. Went to JB again over the weekend to purchase some items.

    1) T5 LED Lightings
    2) Momento Paint
    3) Vento Fino 1 Fan

    While browsing at i-decor lighting, we happen to chance upon a huge hardware store called 1 Living Depot at Mount Austin, it's like a supermarket for hardware tools. **** awesome. :wub:
    We bought 1 momento set there, gonna try painting this at my kitchen "empty wall". The price is unbelievable cheap @ 139RM per set (Paint + Primer + Momento Brush set), i will be back there for my bosch drill / screw driver the next round!


    As the service @ i-decor is pretty bad (if you have visited you know), so I gave up after waiting for a long time and they didnt bother to commit my order for t5 and fino fan, we left.

    We went to Yako Lighting Centre instead @ Sri Tebrau (near to KSL) to get my Fino 1 + T5 LEDs.
    Highly recommended this shop, great service, friendly and good pricing. Best of all, they are responsive to any queries you want to ask via facebook or whatsapp, unlike i-decor which is forever uncontactable which turns me off. Bought this Fino fan for my walk in wardrobe, given that there is no ventilation or air going in that "mini room".. :huh:

    Also asked for the RF module to connect to my cove light, so we can turn it on/off using my broadlink or remote. I dont want to have a situtation where no body wants to walk to the MBR entrance (where the switches are) to off the cove light because we are too lazy or tired. LOL. :horse:


    Yako Lighting Centre
    399A, Jalan Tebrau Batu 3 1/2, Taman Majidee, 80250 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

    1 Living Depot Sdn Bhd
    No. 69, 71 & 73, Jalan Mutiara Emas 10/19, Taman Mount Austin, Johor, 81100 Johor Bahru, Malaysia


  9. 18 hours ago, matchalatte said:

    earlier on imentioned i bought a gold kitchen faucet but due to careless packaging on the seller's end it came with dents all over. plus it was too short and was also in shiny gold whichididnt like, i went and bought 2 more from taobao, just in case lol. 



    this matte champagne gold one is so pretty! i bought it because it was cheap, like less than $20, and i was also curious to know what the material was like. it was written 太空铝 which is probably like aluminium or something so i wonder whether it would be really light or cheap looking. turned out otherwise. it actually has a really nice weight to it, and the brushed metal look is to die for. apart from a little scratch (?) at the bottom, it was great overall. 



    another was this, a matte black stainless steel one. this is really nice as well, i also like it cuz its tall. 

    nowi just cannot decide which one to use, since my sink is black would it look meh if my faucet is black as well? maybei should have just bought one lol

    both taps are so pretty.. gold and black. 

    On that small lil scratch at the bottom, u can get those 3M scourer scrub like this one: http://www.scotch-brite.com.sg/3M/en_SG/scotch-brite-sg/tools/~/Multipurpose-Scourers-622?N=4337+3294238222+3294529204&rt=rud

    Dab abit of wd40 and sort of scrub lightly (to test first) it the outwards direction. it works for some of my metal products. Try it lightly first, if the coating too light the colour might become chrome-ish. 

  10. 5 hours ago, matchalatte said:

    wow that looks pretty amazing, like those peel off mask or nail polish (can only speak from my experience) haha. 

    hahah yes yes.

    I cant wait to try my hands on it. Actually the ikea soap bottle, dispenser, toothbrush holder and soap tray also quite nice, but it's in matte rubbery grey instead.
    Link: http://www.ikea.com/sg/en/catalog/products/40291511/




    Update: I found this @ taobao: (link here)



  11. 13 hours ago, Songz said:

    Good idea on the rubber spray to give a matt rubber look. :good:

    Any pictures how it turn out and which paint did you use ?? 

    i haven try it. waiting for the item to arrive.

    Initially i wanted to get EasySkinz, this brand is commonly use in spraying car rims or bike parts (use to ride a bike and DIY on spraying as well).
    but the matte black ran out of stock.

    So, i came across another brand which is equally good and has the same matte rubbery finish > PlasticDip (another brand use in the automotive industry and alot people uses it to spray rims.)

    Here are some pics online on the finished product on a car rim.

    If you happen to do it wrongly, don't worry. Just peel it off. :yeah:


    Can buy it on redmart now (or qoo10):

  12. 14 hours ago, matchalatte said:

    it was painting the past 2 days, i was totally apprenhensive because unlike laminates, we don't actually get A4 samples for nippon's colors. there was also no looking at the paint chips on the color booklet because the "color my world" catalog only has standard and limited colors whereasi chose from the "color creations" which has got no catalog. i was tempted to just buy small cans of paints to test on the walls buti was thinking, why bother? how bad can it be, its all grey right? WRONG. first of all, these are the colors i picked :


    black swan NP N 2044A


    ebony blue NP N 2002A


    gray dolphin NP N 2046P


    puritan black NP N 1982D

    and here's the real deal :


    i've got puritan black, a dark grey for the whole of my living room walls and gray dolphin for the ceiling. please ignore the messy floor. 


    i think this is a very interesting color because it also has blue & purple undertones, which i failed to take into consideration. so while it looks grey for the most part ie. upclose, in the paint bucket, it also looks blue with tints of purple especially near the window. this greatly annoys me because i simply want a grey with no undertones, like black mixed with white. thats all. 


    see how purple it is especially near the window. for the hacked room, i used black swan. its a dark charcoal grey which is my favorite.


    black swan. loves how it matches against my dark parquet skirting.


    also have black swan on my bathroom ceiling, including the sides of the partition board. its looking kinda weird right now since the walls are white, hopefully when all my matte black sanitaryware & toiletries like basin and rainshower are up, it will better tie the look together.


    ebony blue for my MBR walls and ceiling. i totally adore this dark slate blue green color and i can already imagine the gold and brass accessories like table and pendant lamps that will go so well with this shade. will also paint all my door frames gold. my contractor said the walls will be repainted after carpentry because there's no way to touch up for dark colors. hubby is very impressed with my choice of colors lol, whereas for me, im still getting used to how dark and moody the house looks now, and the view outside the window just looks really glaring. 

    right now, its parquet mending/varnishing, carpentry & plumbing works next. can't wait!

    it looks nice to me. I love your ebony blue and puritan black (nice shade of dark grey), and your bathroom ceiling paint black swan? Will it bring the ceiling lower and make it more cramp? I wanted to paint a darker shade but was worried.

  13. On 9/7/2017 at 8:39 PM, matchalatte said:

    what a long & tiring day! everything seemed to happen all on the same day, which is weird. first of all, my stuff from taobao were delivered like 9am in the morning. then had the aircontrunking done by timwong's guys followed by another round of delivery from gain city. 



    running of aircontrunking started at 10.30am sharp, and they were done by 2pm.



    therewasnt much ugly trunking all around since im only having one 24K BTU at my dining/island area. the unit at the hacked BR has none at all since it goes directly into the MBR. the MBR has more trunking but its still bearable so we're not doing any boxup. we will paint the room a very dark navy blue (including the ceiling!) so those casings should not be very visible at all.


    my first taobaoloot, all 105kg of it! this round i bought the more crucial items like rainshower, sink, faucet, mirror and some lightings. they all came intact except for my gold kitchen faucet which had lots of pits & dents. i was really really disappointed! the seller didnt pack the faucet tightly so it shifted and knocked around in the box. i now have to buy it again. the rest of the items were all very pretty, had matte black and gold colored stuff mostly. will do a proper unboxing soon! i only pray that all the lights will work butiwouldnt know :wacko:


    my two ovens, hood & hob, all BOSCH. idont actually like BOSCH but i love european brands. i've always hear how customer service of these brands suck big time in sg so ididnt dare splurge on a miele, gaggenau or smeg. maybe one day, if they buck up i would!

    Bosch ovens are costly.
    I dont like bosch because my bosch kitchen mixer **** lousy.. so since then i condemn their stuffs. :blink:

    How are you going to store all your flour, sugar, decorating tips, trays, etc..? Do you have a catered area for these gems? lol.

  14. 6 hours ago, Padma said:

    I'm looking for a contractor to renovate my condo.. have been through a lot of IDs but all of them seem to use only our design and no value adds.. so now looking at contractors who are reliable and can do a clean job.. 

    Any references of good IDs not too pricey also welcome.

    you can try J&E, they are quite well known here and alot of our tbloggers engaged them.

  15. 12 hours ago, matchalatte said:

    im buying black bathroom accessories but sticking to the aluminium ones coz they're cheaper :( it seems like there are 3 types of materials - brass, stainless steel & aluminium for toiletries on tb. the 304 one is stainless steel? i wonder whether the aluminium ones are ok to use cozthats all i can afford now lol

    yes regarding your matte black rubber toiletry set, i think they're not rubber but silicon. their glass water bottle with silicon covering is pretty common butihavent seen any toiletry sets like the one u posted. would you be looking at other alternatives? im crazy over anything marble looking these days and i think the black marble ones are not bad


    painting just started today! still coming to terms with how dark my living room is now, and the color definitely looks different from the website/app. my home looks like a hot mess right now, with reno garbage piled high in my living room else i would take some pics to share. yourreno will continue after 7th mth? 

    marble is nice butdoesnt suit my theme.:P
    I bought the matt rubber spray.. so anything stainless steel or what i will spray it to become matt rubber black! HAhahaha :paint:

    cant wait to see your pics. should be exciting.
    My reno starting next week. (Painting, Carpentry)