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  1. i installed the DC motor one from them, so far ok, quiet and pretty strong for my living room. the design is simple and clean, not gorgeous like the haikus, but also not ugly. its like the relite fans, but with nicer more sleek looking light casing (have you seen the relite ones? they are bloody huge and really spoils the aesthetics). i think the price point of the ECO is good, if you compare it to the exorbitant haiku/ spin.
  2. the PAX systems are solid, but the weak link is the backing which is quite flimsy. can vouch for the kallax shelves, but this time round i went for a newer range Eket. apparently this has a backing so is structurally even stronger than the kallax. its pricier too, but extremely customisable and aesthetically nicer. i believe you went for the butcher block countertop right? care to share your feedback on them in terms of maintenance and durability?
  3. any kind soul here knows a lobang to get peg boards like this one here? http://gmhi5yuh.tumblr.com/post/102491964970/15-beautiful-and-inspiring-workspaces-apartment grateful and appreciate!
  4. Don't you just love IKEA? hahaha., not many willing to risk their homes on IKEA products! i built my kitchen, wardrobe, living area from their products too - where else can you find guarantee on products from 10-25 years? even my ID only give 1 year. my IKEA damage is $10k, and i still have items I want to get. oh but what i do not like about them is their installation and assembly charges - god, $5 to drill one hole?? i chose to assemble most of the storage systems myself. some items will take you only 5 mins to assemble, and the costs savings add up. mine was almost $500.
  5. @ricepapergirl - hahaha ikr....reno is so expensive these days and withe size of the EM and old age, most of our bill goes towards just reconditioning the infrastructure of the house, not even talking about new additions. i ended up sourcing my own contractors for a few larger expense items from my contractor. i have zero carpentry too partly due to budget constraints and partly because i don't like built-ins. did your $75k include the IKEA furniture costs? thanks for the awning contacts, i will contact them. did you put up curtains at your balcony too? If so, did the awning block out more light?
  6. hi ricepapergirl - enjoyed reading your journey here, i literally only just finished reno of my EM, and i went with a metod kitchen too. unfortunately i did not stumble onto your posts earlier, could have saved me a lot of anguish! but looking at what you wrote, i can empathise on all the reno and coordinating woes. you seemed to have done a major overhaul - how large did the final reno bill came to? just comparing notes. and i like your balcony!! how much did the awning cost? i am thinking of it myself, so if you got a useful contact that will be helpful!
  7. hey folks, wanted to find your opinion on preference between conventional hob or induction? used to be quite against idea of induction as typical born and bred on kopitiam food, always think must have fire for flavour. but recently see induction hobs a lot of new technology and function. plus ease of maintenance. and does going for high end brand really makes a difference (eg bosch, teka), or rather save the money on a mid range brand (turbo, electrolux). assuming money is not an issue of course..