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  1. Hi reno members here, being new to renovation works, I would like to get some ideas on remodeling one of my bedrooms. My brother shifted to his new home with his family last month. We have planned to give his room to our boy. There is no closets or cabinets in this room other than a single table with drawers. So, I would like to get suggestions on custom walk-in closets and cabinets. This room is wide enough and we need to have the closet partially open with shelving for hanging clothes and partially closed with drawers. It would be great if you could add your suggestions, designs or even images.
  2. It is a good decision that you have made to get a security system. I also have one installed in my home.
  3. I have one installed, not facing any problems, till now.
  4. Try doing some breathing exercises. It is good to drink a glass of warm milk. Try changing your mattress.