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  1. Hi forummers My System 3 aircon has been breaking down too often and it is suspected that the pipes might have a leak. Everything was brand new when first installed so it was a big disappointment. As one section of the pipe casing is concealed in plaster, can anyone advise if the removal of the plaster will be done by the aircon company or do I have to get a plasterer to separately remove it. Am I right that a pressure test is needed to confirm the leak and the test can help to pin-point where the leak is? Many thanks in advance ....headache
  2. beats me! Probably those wood filler stuff. I've seen these at the Self-fix shops. Surely cannot be using cement, right ? But, I wonder if the wood will still have weakened even after repair. Last thing I want is for my door to collapse.
  3. floor tiles done. They kept quiet about it, and went on to do tiling like nothing had happened. I only found out later after the tiling. Contractor offered to repair but I'm not sure if I should just accept this.
  4. hi everyone My new main door frame was cracked by a worker's drilling. The crack line runs from just above the base & is quite long. Would anyone know if this will affect fengshui as it's the main door? thanks
  5. Hi I'm thinking of seeking out Classic too as my carpenter (from the contractor) is not very creative & couldn't seem to get what I want. Problem is my base was already done by the contractor. Would you know if this will be any contraint if I decide to switch to Classic? First time doing cabinet & not sure how it should go. Thanks !
  6. I've been fuming mad the last few days 'cos I discovered a crack in my main door frame. Didn't see it earlier as I was distracted by some other reno issues. When I found out & asked the contractor, he admitted that the frame was alright on delivery but the crack was caused by his worker's drilling. What upsetted me was that he was aware & didn't inform me immediately, and went on to do the tiling & everything else liked nothing has happened. I would think informing the client would be the decent professional thing to do! Had I been informed, I would have demanded for the frame to be replaced & delay the tiling. The only response I have from him is that it could be repaired. Period. I've contemplated asking for a replacement of the frame but to do so at this stage would mean hacking away the tiles & skirting!! Should I accept his suggestion of repairing the frame? But, I concerned if there will be any problem when the main door is installed later. Also worried sick if fengshui would be affected. At my wits end! Could any kind souls advise please many thanks!
  7. Mine's a 3-rm but with a larger area. Reno cost will be $30k+. I think that's the gauge if you're doing a major overhaul. You need to assess the condition of your flat and see what you can or cannot stand. For instance, if it's just old but usable, do you still want to keep it !! . Then decide on what works should be done. I actually surrveyed my new flat countless times before deciding on what to do. Even when you have started reno, you are also likely to change your mind about certain things. To avoid going out of control (in terms of $$$), I recommend that your fix a budget (add a buffer for extraordinaries), and monitor it like a hawk . Good luck!
  8. Hi I've got the usual quote on Electrical works like the unit price for the various types of installation of points - similar to what some of you had mentioned here. However, till now, no contractor or ID has given me a straight answer of whether rewiring is needed for my 30-year old flat. Anyway, am thinking of checking out the need for rewiring just to be safe. Can anyone advise whether the cost of rewiring should typically include the fixing of points? Or is it just changing the wires only? Not sure what is the norm here. Thanks !
  9. There are ready-made ones for $900+ & they're almost ceiling height. Good alternatives to customed-made. Easier to get rid of too !
  10. Hi Aircon-speak is greek to me. I hope some kind souls can shed some light please. I had gone to Gain City but did not really have a good impression. The sales guy just rattled off all the techies and I have no idea at all what he's rambling. Later, I found out that he was pushing a brand where parts are hard to get . Anyway, I've got another aircon guy who actually come down to do a site check, advise & quote. Can anyone tell me is it true that armaflex is not required for inverter system? I was told that inverters will regulate itself and the problem of sweating will not occur. What's the difference between Grade 22 & 23 copper pipes? I'm looking for an inverter system 3 - to cool 2 bedrooms & living. As my place is not big, I worked out that 12000+ 6000+6000 btus should be more than enough. However, everyone's selling me 18+9+9. Am I right that the configuration will somewhat be limited by the makes & models? Will getting a higher btu setup (more than what I will need) cause more 'contributions' to PUB ? Is $3050 for a`system 3 Daikin inverter fair. any advice on the above is appreciated. Thanks.
  11. hi everyone Thanks for all the responses and good tips. I had spent the weekend checking out the sinks & ya...those I like will definitely not go well over the chute. I actually will have 12ft+ of length (minus the chute wall & allowance for fridge) for the cabinet. Still, countertop is not enough because I wanted a tall unit & comfortable workspace. Had thought my layout plan was ok until contractor said no last week. And I'm starting reno this week! No choice. I'll just have to ask him for a solution.
  12. Hi Has anyone extended your kitchen cabinet all the way to the chute wall i.e the sink will be located above the chute next to the window? I'm going for a straight-line layout & putting the sink there would give me more worktop space. But I noticed that the sinks are all quite deep and I was worried that it might get in the way of opening the chute (HDB does not allow shifting the chute hole). Not sure if there will be any problem with using the chute in future. any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  13. hi mel your worktop is cool! Are you using solid surface top?
  14. sorry to hear that some you have this distressing experience. Based on what I had read on the order of reno works, it seems quite difficult to put the installation of w.c last....correct me if I'm wrong. But if I'm right, and short of banning the workers from using the toilets, I wonder if there's anyway to avoid or at least minimise the the situation. I'm afraid that if the workers think we are being difficult, they will "reward" us with shoddy work.
  15. thanks babytan ! everything's smooth for you, I hope.