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  1. Hi everyone, Anybody has a reliable and reasonable carpet flooring vendor to recommend?
  2. Hi d3n, enjoyed reading your comprehensive renovation journey. My husband and I have the same exact layout for our BTO! Hmm, I noticed you change the metal ventilation portion of your bomb shelter. Did you get your ID to change it or you did it yourself? Also, how much does it cost?Thanks for sharing your contacts and information!
  3. Hello Dietgalvon, I have been silently following your T-blog and I really love your purchases and house theme! We are also considering a MUJI inspired home but we are working with a more limited budget. Thanks for the tips and recommendations, cheers to a beautiful home, it's coming out really nicely.
  4. Hi Juzzhome, Thanks! Sigh, have been hunting for months but doesn't seemed to find anyone. I think we just have to make do with homogenous tiles or vinyl. We are having a tough time now deliberating which is better, haha!
  5. Hi everyone, We are wondering whether anybody has contacts that do broken marble flooring? We know it is very old school but it seems that everybody and contractor we asked, nobody provides such services anymore in Singapore. Thanks for your help and input in advance!
  6. Hi Kingandbin, Hope all has been well for you, have been following your T-blog and love your reno works! Do you mind sharing with me Contractor E's contact? Thanks!