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  1. I want to save space, and thinking of getting washer+dryer. But is it generally reliable? I heard from Harvey Norman and Courts sales people saying it's more probable to malfunctions than separate machines.
  2. Hi! I'm really interested in signing up with Netflix when my new place is ready. Just some questions.. If I sign up a VPN, do I still need a local broadband installed (fibre by starhub/singtel/M1 etc)? I love watching channels like Nat Geo, travel channels on my current Starhub cable TV. Are these available on Netflix?
  3. Thanks benetay, I've been to Desert Hill in 2014 and it's amazing! Spent an entire day there. Thanks for the advices. Thanks nanachan7. I used a transformer in a hotel in Japan before, all i know that it's a little bulky and heavy. Something like this should work? http://www.amazon.com/Goldsource-STU-1000-Voltage-Transformer-Converter/dp/B003OPFJD6/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1427292722&sr=8-2&keywords=transformer+110+220 Saw the pricing at irobot's SG and amazon, many of them are 50% cheaper in US! Are irobot's prices controlled in US (like Bose)? Or is Amazon's price the best?
  4. I recently found this website which sells some hotel quality bed linens : https://www.hotelluxurycollection.com/ But is there any other alternatives where I can buy equally good quality (and looks like hotel) ones?
  5. Hi all! I am getting my house keys, and i'm having a worktrip to USA (Los Angeles) soon. What are the things that can be bought in USA significantly cheaper than in SG? I have (almost) free shipping to Singapore, so just take it as shipping is not a cost to be factored in. Tech stuffs : 1. Bose home theatre system 2. 3. Bedroom : 1. High quality bed sheets? Any recommendations? 2. 3. Kitchen : 1. Good kitchen knives and cutleries? Any recommendations? 2. 3. Please help me to fill in the details based on your experience/knowledge. Thanks!
  6. Hi all, I'm refurnishing my office, met with some difficulties.. After putting the sofa, there's practically no space to put the coffee table. The area in front of the sofa is just 188cm (length) x 100cm (width). Thus if I put a slim and long coffee table (with the minimum width being 43cm), there is just not enough space to walk/sit. Thus I came up with an alternative such as a coffee table with wheels, so when I need to meet client, I just wheel it in front of the sofa; If I don't need it, I just wheel it to a corner so there will be amble space to walk. But anybody know where to get such a special coffee table? Thanks in advance..
  7. The only one I can find is at V.Hive http://www.vhive.com.sg/listing.php?cat_p=...c=11&from=2 Retailing at $335.00. Was thinking if I can find similar type of coffee table elsewhere? Thanks!
  8. Hey thanks for recommending! !! By the way it's danielbeh.com cheers!