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  1. If only you have realized the chipped tiles before you install your glass and inform them, they should be able to help you change the chipped tiles with a new one. but seems like it's too late.. they can only try to mend the chipped area with white cement/plaster/silicon since your tiles is also white... the black mark seems like permanent marker.. did u try using thinner/zippo to clean it? liquid paper seems like a ridiculous solution to it lol.
  2. That's the glue at the back. but only 6months and the glue can be seen? Is it your tempered glass is too thin? otherwise the glue stain shouldn't appear so fast...
  3. I think generally contractor should be cheaper than ID. If you already have some designs in your mind, engaging a contractor might save you quite a sum of money. Hoong fatt heng has a thread in the forum and also have some good reviews left by some of their customers. I've a colleague who engaged them for her house reno and didn't hear much issues from her. So should be ok but dyodd.
  4. You may ask the aircon man to install the trunking for you first, then u proceed with your reno works, then install the air-con blower last. - reason being the blower wont be filled with dust due to reno works. However, if they only can provide 1 trip, then u have to install aircon first so that during your reno process if there is any cabinets whatsoever that will be installed at where the trunking runs, then the cabinet/ false ceiling can cover it easily. and remember to wrap your air-con blower with plastic/newspaper so that dust wouldn't accumulate on it by the time u move in. hope it helps!
  5. Sorry to hear about your bad experience but did you check their reviews before deciding to engage them? Can u PM me the name of the contractor and company? Thanks!