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  1. Hi all, Can anyone recommend anyone who does the wiring for surround speakers? I need to run cables from my TV console to the ceiling above my sofa... I need to mount my Surround Left and Right speakers.... Help! P/S: False ceiling with downlights...
  2. ok there are "a few" and not only one... i just really dun think our languages matches the same frequency.. anyway... have a nice evening ahead.
  3. i'm glad all is clear... i'm not here to piss anyone off nor here to pick any fights anyway, Tea, thank u for liking my place.. anyway... just an honest comment here... when u go and see showflats, u tend to look look see see but never "Scrutinize" anything... i assume cos thats the case for me... as for lightings, i did tell Gina and Tony that i will buy my own lights cos i see in this forum alot of pple kena carrot by IDs... and i recommended the shop that i bought my lights to Gina... Chelsea lightings... and usually they ask their customers to buy their own lights isn't it? even they dun like to help to fix lights cos alot of times they pay for something they didn't break.. i think i did my flat almost the same time as Happy did... if not its slightly later... anyway, feels good that air is cleared... the reason why i post is because i feel its not fair for pple to run away from any ID firm just becos of 1 negative remark... as compared to more positive remarks... Singaporeans are naturally known to be quite Kiasu ya? cheers everyone... weekend is near...
  4. nope i'm not pointing fingers at anyone.. i'm just stating my feel in general. please do not get sensitive... when i say try out other IDs, i DO NOT mean hacking everything off and get another contractor. What i'm trying to imply is, now that you have tried CD, for the next flat, or probably parents flat, or a 2nd condo unit... try other IDs... and when i say its all very individual, i mean.. whether you like an ID firm or not is very individual... no one can force u to like, or dun like. We all can see here that there are VERY unhappy customers of CD, also.. do not forget that there are VERY happy customers of CD too! *sigh* why must everyone feel that this is a fighting thread... and why should anyone get sensitive over open talk and comments over here? have we ever reflected on what we do unto others that causes reluctance to respond, reply or even rectify?? *i'm saying maybe only... i know this would light a torch somewhere but i mean no harm...* P/S: I AM NOT POINTING FINGERS AT ANYONE HERE AGAIN... please do not get emotional and sensitive and start "screaming" in here again... just citing an example of "you yin bi you guo" 有因必有果... aka what goes round comes round... anyways, this would prolly be my last post here... the world goes round... economy is breaking down and i'd rather spend my time a little bit more wise than to be in this little volcano eruption... Cheers guys... Peace out and... Happy living in your new homes!
  5. This is so very individual... human natures are as such... 100 good reviews will never stand out.. but 1 bad review, everything is condemned... as consumers, we all want the best for ourselves... as renovators or IDs, they want their jobs done well so that referrals will keep coming to them... people never understand because of anger/dissatisfaction, pple's "reasons" may become your "excuses". it happens everywhere. and how would YOU feel if YOUR "reason" became an "excuse" to everyone else... this is a fair forum with free speech... we are all posting our satisfaction or dissatisfaction with any individual IDs... to me, CD did a wonderful job for me. rectifications are all done satisfactorily... you may have only experienced CD as a contractor... to give a fair comment, why not try other IDs and compare what they will do for you is as much as what CD does? that will be a fair comparison.. I believe CD would be happier with 10 more happy customers than to have 1 whining complaining customer... P/S: I AM NOT FLAMING HERE... Peace...
  6. Bro, once again... check carefully the company name of the ID firm before u start posting here... Classic Design only have 1 showroom and DOES NOT HAVE any 3 branches you mentioned. Classic Idea at Delta House does have that I believe... And Classic Design DOES NOT give car away as lucky draw prizes... LOL... Manager??? To what I know, CD only has effectively 3 MAIN person at work.. now may have increased but they're only Tony, Gina and Keave... LOL..
  7. lol... by then got nicer feature wall liao.. no need duplicate mine hahaha...
  8. H4Happy... yea my dad said the same thing when he saw my feature wall... Holland Theme... Sponsored by Adidas... hahahaha... but i like it... Tea... u saw me at Sheng Siong why never come up and talk to me???
  9. Hi TEA... Thanks! hmm... u heard from where and who that I just got married? this is spooky... Hi Steve... Yea my exact gestures to my friends too when they get their new flats.. Hi h4happy... I've seen u at CD before.. haha before I confirmed them as my ID... i stay Blk 25B...
  10. u're welcome kksg2000... as we know, internet forums are very powerful... it can destroy one as well as make one fly... we need to be really fair...
  11. Dear fellow members, Allow me to share my experience with u all. I got to know Classic Design thru this forum as well and I decided on them as my preferred ID due to pricing (of course ) and friendliness. After my house is done up, I can say that they are very flexible as well! Like for choosing tiles, I did not choose from those that they brought me to, but another shop nearby. They are also ok. Stay at their office choose laminates until 12am they also never complain, somemore offer me beer Last min change this, change that, they got no complaints. I did alot of homework (about 10 different IDs and seen some of their showflats)... and almost signed with weiken.com. However I decided to give CD a chance and they managed to match their quote for me, providing me with better materials i.e. Solid blocks with tiles for my low wall and ceiling for my kitchen entrance instead of some gybson* board (*dunno how to spell)... Hee... Flooring is swee swee, i check based on reflection of the tiles and windows to see if it is flat and level... gaps between tiles are acceptable too! my laminated flooring are also nicely done up.. however mine is light colour so joint lines surely can be seen a little... My cabinet and shoe rack laminates were not so good, and Gina came up and QC, she failed them as well. The carpenter was activated and the next day, all laminates were replaced with no complaints... now it looks good. I have finished my payments to them already and til now they are still coming up helping me to rectify some little defects here and there... like HDB switch burnt, Tony came up and replace for me.. Last min i need extra power source, Tony came up and do the looping for me... My handi spray broke, Tony buy new one for me... I still got washing machine pipe leaking, they are coming and fix for me (note: the pipe is provided by the washing machine shop)... Keith is also nice enough to cover Tony whenever Tony is busy at other sites... After all payments have been done and they still do such rectifications for me, i think its very reasonable of them! I hope i'm not inviting a flame here.. If any fellow members here feel that I'm working for them, can PM me to verify. I am working as a consultant in OA industry... and a proud 4-room flat owner in Jln Membina and its nicely done up by the nice people @ Classic Design. I give them 2 thumbs up I'm posting to fight for fair ratings of my preferred ID firm... I do not see why 1 defect in 1 house, 100 defects in 100 houses can lead to a lousy rating for an ID... its simple statistics.. if one doesn't have many customers, will they have many complaints??? any why do they have so many customers if they're not exactly recommended??? *think my two cents worth, any one of u have any unhappiness with the job done by CD, give them a call... they will rectify... that's what they've done for me at least... Pics of my cosy little 4 room flat can be seen at http://www.flickr.com/vynsan... PEACE GUYS!
  12. wonsen, i'm staying 4-rm Jln Membina too.. i've done system 3 for bedrooms and system 1 for living. I got Mitsubishi Starmex EZ-Clean (Non-inverter) from B*st T*ch @ IMM. Today just up aircon and pipings.. hehe
  13. hello all... i'm new to this forum and i'm a 25B Jln Membina flat owner too! ehhe... i'm gonna start my reno soon and have tentatively decided on Desmond Lim of weiken.com... hmm... i'm pretty sure i know you XLAN... PM me if u interested to know who am i? hehe...