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  1. Well to the surprise of tuesday, they actually made it. Our coffee table is finally here. Guess the wait is quite a test us but i guess its nothing compared to our chinese folks here celebrating their festive season. Hope you guys will get some light out of this issue.
  2. Follow up: 20/1/2012 came and pass - still no coffee table. Call no answer and rejected. 21/1/2012 Decide to visit factory. Caught salesman Elson by surprise. He said very busy but coffee table is here already. Change again after cny by end month. Ummmmmm.......last straw after this do not materiialise we will just go to police station.
  3. Walawei! They are really not interested to have any customer service. Bought from them coffee table and they set their delivery date (cannot choose somemore). Come date of delivery - no news! Call Elson and can say will look into matter tomorrow. Tomorrow comes - no calls. Still we need to call them and can still ask us to call them back later. Ok he did call back and pushed back date to two weeks time. Blame in delivery or shipment or whatever. We got no say one! We gave them ultimatum must deliver by 20/1/2012. No more excuse. So just wait and see.
  4. Facing same problem. The floor was sparkling clean after the acid wash but after a few mopping done it became cloudy no more clear sky look. Anyone got tip to make it shine w/o needing to call pros.
  5. Helo everybody Does anyone knows kiang sing hong sells the blum drawer system as well?
  6. Hei thats 3 big reality points there! Not sure bout the leaking radiation thingy - will need to read up on that (thanks for that tip) but one thing for sure as in all electronics items will expire someday and so exact dimension of replacement will be hard. That i agree with ya. Thanks! Any others....
  7. Hi folks; Been looking around the forum but not much has been discussed on built in microwave oven. Any infos from the masses? Please share... So far, searching from webbies and shops, generally price range is from $300+ to more than a thousand. Function wise, they could be normal basic microwaving plus defrosting to double or more function like a steaming oven and grilling - but think theres more. Obviously, the looks is thier forte being built in but at a price but what are their advantages or perhaps to best to concentrate the disadvantages.... Any comments?
  8. Sorry repeated question. But hope turn out better for you guys.
  9. Hi jump & xtr; Sorry to read on your predicaments about your sinks. We have actually ordered an englefield sink as well. Is this a one off problem or is this brand unsuitable for our climate? Read somewhere like its actually under the kohler branding company but how come its rusting? Any other solution to your guys problem?
  10. ayukie, care to share the website u get the square leds pls and did you go thru pazar8 too?
  11. Oh you know what...while walking around a neighborhood, i saw a fine example of the fan running from the outside (meaning viewing it running from outside) - its all ok! you were right, the fan, somehow when running, will actually block out the view totally (my theory is wrong - but of course if wanna be on the safe side (kiasu) we can always stick on some frosted film on the flap panel but i dont think its necessary tho.
  12. Yeah, we are thinking of that method of installation - fix on a top hung window. Its just that we are not convinced by the reddish translucent flap by kdk. It'll be good for daytime usage but come at night, usually these plastics will be almost transparent from the outside view; somemore the fan when running at high speed will somehow give that see thru effect (hope you know what i mean). But seriously, this model design is better and more "stylish" than the boxy type - and not forgetting its slightly cheaper.... Oh really tell us that my theory are wrong
  13. Thats a great layout you have there, especially masterbedroom with a balcony. Congrats on that dream house!
  14. Wow love that design. Hei prody, dont mind asking you hows that kdk ventilation fan in the toilet? I mean the arcylic panel will lift up when the fan starts right? And is that panel translucent as in ppl can still see thru from outside while we bathe? Thanks.