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  1. S FYI You will never see any negative reviews on their fb page cos they have moderated it as such.
  2. This is my personal experience with Sky Creation. They sell you everything you want to hear but please be hands-on with your renovation. My original intention is to have a go-to person who will take care of all the schedules for me since my job does not allow me to constant hang around to supervise the renovation works. Well, do not expect your ID to hand you the keys to a perfect house after all the work has been done. Once you pay up to 95%, you better be physically there to supervise everything that is done. Let me start with the first issue: I have grave suspicions on the credentials of my painters. I have no choice but to say this as I have numerous paint drips on every single wall in my flat and uneven painting on all my doorframes (excluding all the others that i have gotten them to fix). Plus none of them wear any shirt bearing a company logo and arrive only in the late evening to start the job which leads me to suspect that they are just cheap labour hired to get the job done. Next we go to cleaning. My contract mentions 'general cleaning'. Unfortunately, what you are not told is that the cleaner arrives with just a pail and a rag. So all the debris is left on the trunkings and window sils while anything that is above eye level is automatically ignored because no ladder what. How does that sound so far? Moving on to the schedule. You are basically given a piece of paper for show. After paying 95%, nothing will be adhered to. Just a couple of days if you bother to chase after your ID or wait maybe 6mths if you complain to the boss and let him take charge of your project? With so much done already, we can finally do touch ups. Gullible as I was, I actually followed the schedule and arranged for my furniture to deliver 4 days after the supposed completion. Of course my ID had to tell me the paint touch ups will be arranged after all my furniture has been delivered. If I did not insist on it happening before the delivery date, I am very likely posting pictures of my scratched tiles. During handover, i was also told that the delay for this project was due to my multiple requests for touch ups. Essentially, the problem does not lie in the workmanship and professionalism but on my 'pickiness'. Wow! Lastly, this is probably just my bad luck but my replacement ID is not a professional. Looking at the way my texts are being answered and ignored, the manner I am treated with no basic acknowledgement of hi and bye, I can only conclude that this person did not have proper upbringing to realise that this is still the service industry. It seems like my family and I are the IDs, instead of me hiring one. We are the ones doing multiple defect checks every single trip we make to the house. I have heard nothing but excuses and blaming others, there is no sense of ownership of responsibility with not a single apology given to me at all. Of course, this is merely my unfortunate experience and I truly believe this does not apply to all the IDs in the company but it is definitely not the first occasion that the original ID goes MIA and the replacement messes up the job. If you have all the time in the world to personally supervise To anyone who is reading this, please feel free to share my review so that it may aid friends and family considering Sky Creation for renovation. FYI You will never see any negative reviews on Sky Creation as they moderate it as such. And all positive reviews are bought just like the sellers on tb!
  3. This is my personal experience. FYI You will never see any negative reviews on their fb page because they moderate it as such.