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  1. Hi has anyone installed 1)motion sensor downlights on their false ceiling, or 2)motion sensor led strips below their cabinet would appreciate any recommendations!
  2. Review of my Maxden rubbish chute installation. http://maxdenrubbish...er.blogspot.sg/
  3. As of Dec 2015, $480 including installation and 3 year warranty. Review of my Maxden rubbish chute installation. http://maxdenrubbishchutehopper.blogspot.sg/
  4. Review of my Maxden rubbish chute installation. http://maxdenrubbishchutehopper.blogspot.sg/
  5. Griffindor, are u looking to install or have already installed those windows? I started this thread, but procrastinated. Now looking anew at installing those windows. Pls share ur experience as well. I'm getting quotes from quite a few sites i found thru google. Hope they come back with prices that are reasonable. Pls add on if u have other contacts http://www.ny-tc.com/Noise_Control_Soundproofing_Soundproofing_Windows_nytc.html http://www.window-grille-door.com/contact-us/ http://noiseblocksystems.com/ http://www.anv-aluminium.com/aluminium/aluminium-soundproof-windows/ http://www.grillesnglass.com/glass-windows/soundproof-windows/
  6. Nope, considering laminate glass now after the advice from this topic. you can see pang giap's quote above
  7. unfortunately Facina only does private housing, not HDB flats.
  8. How does laminated glass reduce noise? Any good contractor with reasonable prices to recommend?
  9. Dunno, Pang Giap says they can get the necessary HDB approval. Bravoglass is now quoting $280/sqm for double glaze + extra for frames. Still awaiting final quote.
  10. to reduce noise coming in from heavy traffic in front of my room
  11. H155cm, L295cm. Will send u a PM for their contact.
  12. Anyone did double glaze windows before? I'm trying to find a few more contractors for quotes. Hoping the folks here can give some recommendations! I got a $3400 quote from Pang Giap for my corridor windows, but it seems they are getting bad reviews on this forum!
  13. almost. do u have a T joint to sell?
  14. I bought a bidet from Amazon, but the T joint doesn't fit the pipes in Singapore http://www.amazon.com/Luxe-MB110-Non-Elect...t/dp/B001KKRCFA all the stores i visited do not sell the T joint separately, only as a full set with the bidet. Does anyone know where i can get a T joint (as shown in the picture) for my bidet?
  15. too bad, already bought! if anyone else got a better quote from everjoint, pls post here!
  16. Got the Sealy San Marino (single size) in the end, from Robinsons $1599 in all (1 free pillow, 2 free protectors) with 0% 12 month installment on Robinsons card. Still need to factor in the robinsons 4+% rebate of course. 13 inches, comfy when i tested it, hopefully worth the trouble of finding sheets that will fit the thickness. UP: $2399. $500+$200 off with recent promotion, so $1699 after official discount. Extra $100 off after bargaining, sales person said it's usual for them to give $100 off for robinsons card customers. Final price $1599. Sales person is Terence, from the Centrepoint Robinsons Bedshop. Putting this out there for all folks' reference. Do let me know if anyone out there got the bed cheaper, then i can go and cbcb and get more discount cheers!
  17. Went to IMM for quotes at the Sealy and Serta stores. Sealy Mayfair Single Size - $1622 Serta Belmont Single Size - $1799 Which would you prefer? Are the prices good, or can i do better, at say, Robinsons? Comments please!
  18. I got a quote of $800 from Hoe Kee for the above. Original package is 890+, printed on Fujioh brochure, so got a 10% discount. $30 extra for installation of Hood. It's going to be a replacement. Comments on whether it is a good deal?