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  1. Dear Renotalks, i found that there are quite some queries on reconstruction / renovation work and yes, i am here to help u with it, perhaps to provide some preliminary advise so you can work smoothly with your work. Please note the civil engineering field is very huge and i may not be able to answer every question that u might have. I will try my best to help you with any of technical / authority query. I however will NOT answer/advise for cost related query. My ultimate aim is of course to secure jobs and we can talk further in PM if you need PE services. So here i am, let me know your query.
  2. Hi not sure if do u still need PE. please PM me for endorsement request, i can help u with it
  3. (Removed the post to a easily assessible subforum to reach more audience)
  4. I dont think u can execute the SI on your own, SI is quite technical driven and the contractor will need u to advise location, number, depth of borehole, on top of that u need to also provide type and number of test needed on the soil. Only a PE know tests needed as they need such info to design the foundation, so i have 0 idea why QP archi advise no PE needed
  5. Hi, if u need PE services, just PM me. i can help u with it, thank you
  6. Any demolition of wall, be it structural or non-structural will require PE endorsement. Not sure if its too late but i have given u the PE contact
  7. Yes, they are needed for A&A work and submission to BCA if any
  8. Hi bro, just sent you my friend contact, feel free to contact him