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  1. Great blog. Very informative and practical. Especially sharing prices openly which help others make better estimates.
  2. I am wondering if it is possible to semi DIY. As in get a contractor to dismantle the bedroom wall, do cement screeding,, prepare the light points. Then I proceed to DIY the flooring, do my own cabinets from DIY systems. fix my own lights and fans to the prepared points. Then arrange for plumber to connect the prepared parts for me. As in I would like to get most of my items from Tmall and do my own DIY (those part which I can manage). As in I am confident of assembling the kitchen cabinet with faucet top but would need to leave the actual plumbing to a plumber (who I would engage to do all the plumbing when my part have been done)? Anyone been here done that? Thanks in advance for any advice as I am probably getting my keys around June and would like to be prepared.
  3. How much will it cost for simple works like (for a 2 room BTO)... (A) Dismantle bedroom wall (B) Cement Screed That is all. Do advise on how much I can expect to pay.