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  1. Was searching for smart lock, always watched Korean drama their locks like so COOL. Chance upon the August Smart Lock was so ready to get this reason why was also they look like a normal key lock but you can actually use Bluetooth to unlock without pressing the button but when you are walking close to your door it will automatically open, sound so AWESOME. On top of that, you are also able to remotely lock and unlock your door when you install the Connect that comes with it. But on second thought, I realize what if our phone were out of battery? And we didn’t bring the physical key out then how? No keypad to key to go in, need to buy their add on if you want the keypad. All in all it would have cost me quite a lot of money. So ended up I do not know how I searched and found out about this Igloohome Smart Mortise Lock. This is even WAY better of what I am looking for! And it’s also Singapore home grown brand! Support! You can open the lock with 4 different ways, Bluetooth key Keypad RFID Tagged/Cards/Stickers Physical Key On top of that, they even have their own mobile app that I can even provide one time password or Bluetooth Key for my friends or anyone whom I need to give the access to my house. Good I LIKE this! Saw them having promotion while I was at the IT Fair so BUY! Will review once I have install it.
  2. Hi can PM me ceiling fan with lights?

  3. Have been getting many ideas after reading on this forum thought that I could jot down my Reno process for my Humble Sales of Balance 3 Room BTO which i have brought with my kid. It really helped me alot as I know nuts about any of this stuff and i had to read and explore more to really understand all this and also learning how to read what all this ID have on their quotations. I am looking for a very simple Renovation, enough for the 2 of us to have a cosy home of our own like finally. My budget also very low, will only be doing kitchen and bedroom and only those necessary stuff like the lights, installing of ceiling fan with lights etc.