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  1. i have a discussion with my friends on whether you should own or rent a car or house these days. For me, renting is great because you have zero debt and you can off load anytime when the time is bad. OR you can upgrade anytime when you feel like doing it. Owning is great as part of value asset building for long term. as assets like properties will eventually grow. However the commitment is high. downpayment, renovation etc. i would rent a readily renovated beautiful house and use it for investment. Sub Let or Make it a home office to generate cash flows. ultimate im building cash generating machine. what’s your take?
  2. i was told market size for renovation market in singapore is as big as $6Billion a Year. Not sure if that includes construction market too. Also, heard there are over 6000 interior design firms in Singapore. Of course maybe only 50% or less are really active maybe. each make average of $1,000,000/year in revenue. no wonder everyone jump into this industry. However the margins arent as good as it used to.
  3. Anyone heard of this tritower property in johor bahru? Its just beside the Johor to Singapore Train. RTS.
  4. if you were given a complimentary 1 perspective view 3d drawing of your house, would you be excited to claim it? terms: only 1 perspective.