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  1. hi, i did mine for S$1218 (roller blind) Living hall + 3 bedroom.. duno is it expensive... but i like it..
  2. i use roller blind but when on the lights opp blk can see... but its shadow... dun quite like it cos i hv 2 gals.. worried they change opp got ppl peep... can gv me ur contractors nos?
  3. hi, how u manage to get them to do for u? i ask my contractor to do again, he say canot.. he onli say gv me discount for the bad jobs done.. i told him i dun wan dis, jus ask ur workers to do touch up, but till now nvr reply me.. also, these few days, i found out so many defects, the laminate for wardrope abit pop out, kitchen top got stain cant removed.. sigh... call him he dun even ans my call, ask me to sms him.. do u think i shd go CASE n complain..?
  4. i duno wat is it call.. its something like stickers paste on windows.. most ppl hse windows also got jus duno ppl to see thru will do.. currently my windows is transparent, if change clothes ppl from other blk can see.
  5. hi, jus had my re-sale flat renovated.. mine also like that.. i spent 43k for whole hse renovated but got alot of defects.. call the contractor, he say my standard very high.. apology for not able to meet my standard.. so angry u know.. !!
  6. hi, im looking for contractor doing window film for my flat. anyone can recommend? not so ex.. pls tks..