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  1. I think it depends which project? My friend gotten the Tengah bto n still the same old 2entrances via kitchen n bedroom.
  2. I can totally relate to how it works n the process is tiring man!! Have to keep repeating the same old story/ idea to every ID. Hahaha. Im glad mine is almost done soon. Hehehe
  3. Wardrobe going back to bedroom loh 😞 but i do it smaller 5ft.
  4. Question! Has anyone buy kitchen sink or basin from Ezbuy or Taobao? I see the price like half cheaper and my friend bought it. So far so good. Anyone has tried and experience?
  5. yalo. i discussed with my ID. In the end my wardrobe also going back to bedroom. you are right. may be i will move the bed out to living room after all the rah rah house warming party. then no ppl will see it. hahahaha.. PS: collecting my resale unit's key on Sunday. Reno starts in next week. egg-cited!!!
  6. @SuperZ yes. It is noisy at night when window left opened. But currently i live beside the main road, next to mrt and lrt. So i think i have no problem with the noise. Hopefully lah *finger cross* 🤪 Wait i move in in end Aug then let u know. Hehehe. Reno starting next month. Hope i hv made up my mind where to place the wardrobe by then. 😥😰
  7. @mmoh i will have to shift the aircon if i were to put the wardrobe there. Also troublesome. Haha. So either way or many way already thought of, always have the feeling of “anywhere is so wrong”. Hahaha. But may b i can put it at the other side of the wall. Else, i just close both eyes since i will only be a 🦀 when i need to change. 😆 😂 Yes current wardrobe is covering the access. If put in livingroom, there is false ceiling. Argh!!! Everywhere is wrong 😣😖🤨 Below is another idea cos I initially wanted to swap bedroom n livingroom. So u see sofa rather bed cos bed is outside. 😂.
  8. May b a full size wardrobe at the purple wall. Plan is to put tv at the bombshelter wall, where the fish tank is now. But i actually dont need such hige wardrobe. Sigh... Thinking... this wardrobe is the thing that bother me THE MOST 😖😖 shang nao jin..
  9. @mmoh yes. I get what u mean. But bedroom is not full size window. So bedhead face the bathroom wall also see nothing de. Haha. Ya, will be doing a sliding door. But again, wardrobe in the bedroom just zo deng because is queen size bed. Dont ask me chg to Super Single! I just bought it last year. Hahaha. So, queen size it is. Lol. Below is the current layout. See the space to walk? I will be 🦀 walk everyday. Lol. Thats how the wardrobe in livingroom idea came from. But nothing is confirmed yet. What i really piss is the aircon ledge access is in the bedroom. Dont know which brilliant HDB/Contractor architect go design this way. Really speechless. Because of this, i now habe to leave a space for future access. 🙄 the millions dollar green view from livingroom. Hehehe. It cost 10k cov. Lol
  10. @mmoh My unit is abit overpriced, cov 10k 😖 but i like the view. Sigh.. been trying west area bto 4times but cant get. No choice but to get resale. Luckily can get the one i like. But i wont be able to sell it at higher price as i think no one will wanna buy 2room at 300k 😣. So now try to do minimal loh cos no money liao after the cov. I will seal up the toilet entrance in bedroom. Hahaha. Also I will be hacking “half wall” between bedroom n livingrm cos it is a structure wall. After “stalking” all ppls post, i realised my bedroom is smaller than you all. So i decided to move the wardrobe out and put in living room. Any idea? Thinking to do a small wardrobe may be 4ft will do at the right side corner area. Im considering to put TV at fish tank there. Dont need a dining area but plan to have a cosy corner near window, buy a one seat lounge chair. Lol.
  11. Hey guys! new 2room new comer. Hehe. I bought a resale at Segar and getting reno starts in July. Eggcited. Wanna ask about the fengshui bai bai matters. Do i roll pineapple etc ceremony in day one or when everything completed n i ready to move in? I see some said do in day one reno but some said no need. How?
  12. Hello Anto. Im getting a resale 2rooms at Segar. Eggcited and my house is going to undergo reno soon too!  May i also have the contact for the KDK fan guy from Malaysia? Thanks!