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  1. thanks fini, will update as soon as possible - hope everything goes well n don't get cheated, had some horrible encounters with contractors when doing the renos
  2. yup, you're right, i think weather gaskets are better than weather strips. been checking on the internet.. gaskets are mentioned more frequently for its function to keep out rain wow, is really not easy to diy. going to call the authorised window contractor to retrofit, hope they also provide service to change the rubber gaskets. hope they don't charge an arm and a leg to replace the gaskets
  3. Oh, you mean weather strips do not keep out rain? I thought it keeps out both air and rain! yup, my current one is black rubber. I had just received a noticed from the Building and Construction Authority, am asked to get the window contractor to come in to check if need to retrofit/replace the windows. will probably ask them to help change the rubber gaskets. Yup, it's indeed not easy cause it looks really dangerous having to climb up and change on a ladder and what's more, worried i'll do a bad job and it will leak more!
  4. went to the one at IMM, saw that they hv 4-5 different types and sizes. the staff said hv to tear out the existing one and bring there to get a suitable matching size one. so if you r thinking of doing it, better just tear out a small piece, just in case they don't hv a suitable one to fit your existing. yes, was thinking tt DIY doesn't look that tough - just tear out existing n paste on new ones. but im living on the 8th floor and there are 6 individual windows to change, just worried abt standing up the ladder near open window, smething ive not done b4!
  5. We realised that the weather rubber strips on our windows have worn out (resale place, so the weather strips are old and doesn't keep out rain). The heavy rains in these couple of weeks have caused rainwater to seep in and we were shocked to come home one day and see the parquet flooring 'flooded' near the windows. *heart pain* Now, we have to always line the window area with towels whenever we go out and sometimes they are soaked when we get home, esp after heavy downpour Have gone to Home Fix and was recommended to get the weather rubber strips to DIY. Seems relatively manageable as it comes with adhesive tape on one side, just tear off and paste. However, am worried that I'm unable to do a good job as I've never done it before and will worsen the problem and it will rain again before we manage to get a contractor to fix the problem properly. Has anyone DIY-ed such 'operations', pls share your experience and also if any contractors you can recommend?
  6. ene, u did the push-out type? will u hv any problems with the Management side? usually condos they don't allow such push-out system as they say it will 'affect the facade'. cause we originally wanted to install the push-out system instead of the pull-down (prefer to hv that 'sunny smell & feel' on our clothes), but were advised not to as we may hv to remove it in future if other residents complain to Management (lots of kaypohs around ) or if Management sees it. donut88 is right. Once u have hung the wet clothes on the laundry poles, it does make a difference to the weight. i have to use quite a bit of strength to pull up the system after i've hung the clothes. so i reckon u will need more effort to push out the system. or u can get someone to help u. btw, i didn't actually lie on the yard area. haha.. i measured, it's about 1.8m and im 1.7m, so i can touch the other side of the wall easily if i do the lie-down test. .. and yes, the sales-guy from home niche who came to my place is also beng-ish, maybe is the same person who went ene's place!
  7. Haha! jwn, I agree with you totally! Doesn't mean all condos must chop carrot! unless it's like orchard/sentosa ones! must look at location also. well, perhaps condos in hdb area = 10, 20% mark-up from hdb and those orchard ones 50% mark-ups from hdb!
  8. Had wanted to install a downlight at yard, but contractor told me it's not false ceiling when it in fact is a false ceiling! So, i got a slim tube light to be installed along the short length of the wall. is indeed bright enough cause the area's really small - i can lay on the floor with feet touching one end of the wall, stretch out my hands slightly and touch the other end of the wall! we've used the retractable hanger twice. it's really useful and a neater option for space constraint folks!
  9. hahah.. there's not much u can do about the bay windows! but the curtains/blinds should help talking about my fan, i've originally ordered a silver 56" from a shop in balestier. realised later from contractor that it's too big as there's a cuckoo beam near the area, so ive got to change it to a 42". went down to the shop happily after ive decided that i'll get a white fan. however, the only white fan they've got in 42" is a elmark 5 blade fan. i was hoping that i can get somethg sleeker and with 3 blades only. was so disappointed and the thing is that ive bought all my downlights and lightings, so i can't exchange for other items! after being so jaded by all these reno issues/woes, i decided to juz take the only option avail
  10. ive already ordered from home niche - 6 poles with customised brackets, $398 + $80 for brackets = $478! had originally wanted to get those brackets that are mounted on the real ceiling - at $120. however, their staff came to do site measurement and we realised that they could actually mount the hanger on each side of the wall cause the yard area is miserably tiny - the length of the 6 poles will be about 1.7m each. so they'll drill 4 holes for the 4 brackets. ene, don't have to worry about the ceiling light being in the middle. u can consider mounting the hanger on the walls - depending on the length of your area. they are able to customise the length to accommodate. alternatively u can consider switching to a 'slimmer' light that won't get in the way. perhaps u can try calling home niche to get their advice (look for Daphne, i spoke to her and she's friendly)
  11. ene, aren't u glad you're moving out soon? so u no longer need to worry about the fan crashing down on u yup, 10yrs is an ok time-frame for the life-span of the false ceiling. guess im so 'anal' about matching the downlights and fan cause it's like a new project. haha.. like you've said, once we move in, after the initial first few weeks, we'll probably not even notice the fan's existence! oh ya, try not to have too many reflective/metallic surfaces in your MBR. have read in a home&decor mag article on minimising noise level that such surfaces reflect noise. things like wallpaper, cushions, upholstery, wood etc helps to absorb noise
  12. Their operating hours is 10am-7pm, mon-sat. Had wanted to go their showroom initially, but their sales staff said i can skip the trip as her colleague will explain to me and show me pictures when they come down for site measurement. she quoted me 398 for the 6-pole system and another 120 for the installation of the bracket as there's false ceiling. total will be 518. am thinking that it's alittle costly but given the great convenience (not to mention the quality - stainless steel), i supposed we've got not much choice as we've space constraint where laundry airing is concerned.
  13. ive also been looking for a pulley retractable laundry hanger. have seen it in a home and decor mag. it's from home niche and it's the same EasyHanger link u can find in the thread you posted. have just called and spoken to a sales staff. she quoted me $398 for a stainless steel 6 pole pulley system, includes installation. will most probably be getting from them. u can call 6273 8005 for more info
  14. Hi ene.. my place is not a hdb either. but my false ceiling's already up! they are infact installing the downlights now. so i supposed i have no choice but to have the fan mounted on the false ceiling, hope the plank is really strong enough oh, i hope if i change the fan to a white one, it won't clash with the silver downlights. have realised that there are so many 'should haves' and 'if onlys' after making some reno decisions or purchases .. can't wait for the whole nightmare to be over yup, i think probably cos your house is still empty, hence there's no furniture, curtains etc to 'absorb' the noise. once you have all the stuff in place, it should help. btw, are you going to have a fan in your MBR afterall? oh ene, juz realised you said you've got exact white fan in MBR. think i'll most probably get white. thanks for sharing!
  15. my contractor keeps telling me that the wooden plank they've added is strong enough for the ceiling fan. m just worried that it is otherwise and our heads will get chopped off if the fan comes crashing down oh no applefreak, my false ceiling's oreadi up! is too late.. it's a good idea, but what if the fan breaks down or if i need to change it? they'll hv to cut a hole on the false ceiling and patch it back? ene, noticed your fan's mounted on the false ceiling? is it sturdy and does the fan seem 'shaky' when u switch it on? did your contractor add a plank on the false ceiling to provide support? btw, i can't see clearly from your pic, are your downlights with silver brims as well? mine's also square with silver brims! btw, is good advise regarding the white fan to make it less obvious! my ceiling's white and im now leaning more towards a white fan!